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“Tatra Around the World 2” expedition leaves Prague

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Many fans showed up to see the members of the “Tatra around the World 2” expedition that left Prague yesterday.

Several hundred people were waiting for the expedition truck that arrived in Old Town square in Prague center before 12:30.

The travelers plan to cross 69 countries in five continents and cover over 270,000 kilometers in three years.

This expedition wants to follow up on the “Tatra around the World” expedition from the end of the 1980s. Like more than 30 years ago, one of its main goals is to spread the good name of the Czech Republic and Czech products in the world.

After Prague, the expedition members met other fans on the D1 backbone motorway. They accompanied the truck to Brno, the second largest town in the Czech Republic, where another meeting with the public was to take place.

On Sunday, the expedition will meet its fans in the Slovak capital of Bratislava from where it will set out for the trip around the world.

In the 1980s, the expedition used a modified Tatra T 815 GTC. Its successor has a special version of Tatra T 815 4×4, adjusted for the expedition.

The expedition will be divided into three phases and the truck will be shipped to different continents.

There are extra seats in the truck reserved for the people who financially supported the expedition and can gradually join it for various sections during the three years.

The truck has been modified in order to make the trip quite comfortable for the crew.

“We have a very spacious shower, we have some 700 or 800 litres of warm water, three water heaters, four heating circuits, air-conditioning, giant accumulators, two water closets, one reserve shower and one outdoor shower,” expedition member Marek Havlicek said before the departure, describing the equipment.

There are 14 seats in the vehicle and 20 places for sleeping.

The total expedition costs, including the truck purchase, its modification and transport, are put at 25 million crowns.

“It is divided into roughly three parts. We fund one third, our partner and sponsors another third and temporary exhibition members to pay one third,” Havlicek added.

The first Tatra expedition left in 1987 and one of its main tasks was to promote the Tatra car maker in Koprivnice, north Moravia, in the world. Two full-length films and a TV series were being made from the trip.

However, the expedition returned to Prague in May 1990 only after the collapse of the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia when the public interest in it faded away.

The planned films and series were scratched and only some TV reports were shot. Besides, a few books on the expedition were published and metal and paper models of the Tatra special truck were made.

Now, a TV series is to be shot from the current expedition. The Prima Zoom TV is to broadcast the first ten episodes this autumn.

You can also follow the expedition on their Youtube Channel found here.

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