Adopting a Pet in the Czech Republic

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As one of the most pet friendly cities in Europe, it is a very easy and pleasant experience to have a pet in Prague. The active pet community communicates through Facebook groups, and is a great source to gather any information you need for your pets. In the other pages of the issue, we discuss a range of topics regarding pets in Prague.

Adoption is an immensely important part of the pet culture in Prague, and one of the most life changing things in an animal’s life. Abandoned, injured, left on the streets, these animals wander the alleyways until a shelter takes them in and gives them a temporary home. However, it is crucial that these animals can find a permanent home with people that will love them and treat them as part of the family. Shelters such as Handipet Rescue and Dogpoint will constantly update their Facebook page to not only show the happy dogs who have found a home, but also those who hope to find one.

With every animal shelter, it comes down to one thing: every life has a meaning.

These animals have gone through incredible hardships in their life and it is only fair that they deserve a second chance to be happy and with people who care deeply for them. Without dog shelters, these stray animals would not have anyone to care for them or even a small chance of gaining a new family who would give them love.

Pet adoptions can be a bit more difficult for expats as the official municipal animal shelter only allows Czechs to adopt, but there are plenty other private shelters that will provide you with the opportunity to take a furry friend home. While there are certainly obstacles throughout this process, they should never stop you from wanting to adopt. One of the obstacles you may face when adopting from a shelter is the language barrier. Even if the people who run the shelters speak English, it is still not the same as communicating with a native speaker. Every shelter wants to ensure their animals will be in the best homes, and it is easier to communicate with the natives. However, that is not to say you can never adopt an animal here in Prague. There are several shelters that will allow expats to adopt with vary degrees of requirements. Dog Point only allows foreigners who have a permanent residency permit in Prague to adopt, which is a similar requirement from Galgo V Nouzi. Adoption is like a two way street, it’s not just about whether the dog is the right fit for you, but whether you are the right for them as well.

Jaq from Handipet Rescue states that at the end of the day, the adoption will only go through “if [they] feel that this is the right person for the animal”. This is immensely important because workers develop incredible bonds with these animals and they want to make sure these animals will be well taken care of. Often times, dog shelters will ask for updates for their adopted animals, and Handipet Rescue has stated they would refuse some expats adoption rights if they do not know about their plans or if they would be able to take their pets when they leave. It is crucial that you know what your plans on the permanence of your residency in Prague before considering adoption. There is also a specific clause in the adoption contract that states the animal will be returned to the shelter, should there be a need.


Galgo V Nouzi
Olšová 673 (47.62 mi)
Probostov, Ústecký Kraj, Czech Republic 41712

777 715 882



Milánská 452, 109 00 Praha 15-Horní Měcholupy

607 018 218


Handipet Rescue

Hoření Vinice 57, 277 41 Kly

773 554 464


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  1. Vignesh Surendran

    April 18, 2020 at 3:17 am


    I just need to know where can I adopt a dog for myself in czech.

    I live with my gf in Brno and would love to adopt one for myself.

    Looking forward to it.

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