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“Alfons Mucha and Pasta Oner: Elusive Fusion” exhibit at Kampa Museum

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The Elusive fusion exhibition will bring about the intersection of two essential personalities – one of the main initiators of art nouveau, Alfons Mucha, and one of the leading personalities of the modern Czech visual scene, Pasta Oner.

The starting point of the exhibition was a similar way of their approaches to an internally structured visual statement, based on the everyday needs of advertising design, but transforming it into a unique, timeless experience, a multifaceted clash of different stylistic sources, themes and illuminating meanings. The motifs, which he imprinted with a unique appearance on Alfons Mucha’s posters, have become a permanent part of the contemporary advertising world, whether it is alcoholic beverages or perfumes.

Mucha’s designs have found their distinctive continuation in Oner’s paintings. Immediate sources of sensory experience are often set in the broad cultural context of the intermingling of the ancient and barbaric world of ancient Greek mythology and the technical achievements of the 20th century. The combination of Alfons Mucha and Pasta Oner, taking place in an axis of the considerable depth of a well-thought-out formal schedule connecting various figural, landscape and object areas, is based on the idea of ​​demarcating ahistorical contexts allowing

Kampa Museum

Through October 25

Tickets: 130kc

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