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Annual transit pass likely to rise nearly 2000 crowns

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Prague is going to raise fares in public transport and parking fees in the blue zones. The reason is the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, during which the capital’s fare revenues fell sharply, mainly from tourists.

According to Prague councilor Hana Marvanová (for STAN), proposals to increase the prices of almost all fare tariffs were made at a meeting this week; the annual coupon would rise in price from the current 3,650 crowns to approximately 5,500 crowns.

Deputy Minister for Transport Adam Scheinherr (Prague Sobě) said that the city is discussing various variants and scenarios with the Transport Company (DPP) to search for solutions and savings. “We assume that the final solution will be a combination of various measures,” the deputy told the website without further information.

Scheinherr also presented a plan to increase fares and find savings at a city council representatives’ meeting with the transport company’s trade unions on Wednesday. According to the chairman of the DPP Trade Unions, Luboš Olejár, Scheinherr said that in the case of support, it would increase prices from the summer. The deputy did not specify the increase in blue zones’ increased price, but it should lead to a rise in ticket sales, added Olejár.

The decision to support the proposal to increase parking prices will be made in the coming weeks, the website said. According to him, the Coalition Pirates want to supplement the Prague proposal with rules that make the transport company’s tenders more transparent.
Prague reduced the annual coupon in 2015 from the original CZK 4,750 to CZK 3,650. Between 2016 and 2017, fare revenues fell by 157 million to 3.7 billion. Last year, DPP earned almost 4.5 billion from the fare. From this year, the company expects significantly worse results due to the coronavirus crisis.

Since the elections in 2018, a coalition of Pirates, Prague Sobě and the United Forces for Prague (TOP 09 and STAN) has ruled in Prague since the ODS and ANO are in opposition.

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