Bars, restaurants and night clubs only open until 23:00 after May 25 opening date

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In Czech restaurants, face masks will be mandatory for personnel and guests who can take them off for eating and drinking only, while the establishments must close from 23:00 to 06:00, the Health Ministry announced today.

Moreover, face masks or another nose and mouth cover will be obligatory at Czech public indoor and outdoor swimming pools and lidos except when going to water and staying in it and at deckchairs and towels. Their operators must secure ten square meters per person.

Guests to restaurants will have to wear face masks when moving around, going to washrooms, for instance. Strict sanitary rules, including the use of disinfectants, must be observed in pubs, bars, and restaurants, including their outdoor seating areas, the Health Ministry said.

Moreover, the interior premises of pubs, restaurants, bars, night clubs, and discos, opened on May 25, will have to be closed between 23:00 and 06:00, but they can provide takeaway sales, Health Minister Adam Vojtech (for ANO) said at a press conference today.

His ministry decided to issue such limitations since the future development of the coronavirus epidemiological situation is still uncertain. Vojtech pointed out that the reopening of night clubs in South Korea led to a resurgence of the COVID-19 infected.

As it is difficult to keep the basic sanitary rules, such as a two-meter distance from each other, mainly in night clubs and at discotheques, their night opening might worsen the epidemiological situation in the country, Vojtech added.

Hand disinfectants for guests must be available at the entry to a catering establishment or its outdoor seating. The personnel will have to disinfect tables and chairs before seating a new group of guests.

The operators must prevent people from gathering and assure of obligatory distancing. If possible, the staff should keep such distancing, too, the ministry said.

Restaurants and similar establishments have been closed since March 14 to curb the coronavirus outburst, while their take-away sale was possible. Their outdoor seating areas opened on Monday.

Except for wearing face masks, people at outdoor and indoor pools will also have to keep a two-meter distance. They have to use a hand disinfectant before entering the premises, under the conditions for reopening outdoor and indoor pools, lidos, saunas and wellness centers that the Health Ministry released to reporters today.

People are allowed to use showers as well as dressing rooms and every other locker in them.

The pool operators must delegate a person to be responsible for the observance of the rules. They must disinfect all facilities that visitors use at least twice to thrice a day.

Water toboggans are allowed, but people must keep a 1.5-meter distance in the line, while other water attractions are banned.

The pool capacity will be limited to five square meters per person in the area for swimmers and three square meters in the area for non-swimmers.

Except for the pools for babies, water must be chlorinated to the maximum allowed extent. The capacity in whirlpools must be modified to keep a 1.5-meter distance, while in saunas, there must be four square meters per person.

Daily meals can be served in the form of a buffet in hotels and other accommodation facilities in Czechia that may reopen as of May 25, but under special conditions. Buffet must be attended by the hotel personnel or one-portion meals can be served.

Besides, hotels must keep strict safety and sanitary rules and provide information material on them for guests, the Health Ministry has set.

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