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Foreign Minister to propose Czech assistance for Belarusian Protestors

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Czech Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek (Social Democrats CSSD) will unveil a program to offer assistance to Belarusians afflicted by the reprisals applied by Belarusian security forces who have protested the presidential election on August 9, Petricek tweeted today.

The support will be in the form of money for legal representation or physical and psychological aid to those who have experienced violent suppression at the hands of Belarusian security forces, Petricek said.
This morning, Petricek discussed Czech aid with representatives of the Belarusian section of Radio Free Europe.

“The answer was clear-cut: physical and psychological rehabilitation of the imprisoned and beaten, including journalists and their families,” Petricek said.

“Also, the money will go to fund lawyers for those who were not afraid and warned of the election rigging and who now have to look for a new job because they were fired for speaking out. The Czech Republic can help with this. I will unveil the program at the government meeting on Monday,” he added.
Interior Minister Jan Hamacek (CSSD) said the Czech Republic might use the program Medevac to help the injured in Belarus. Medevac serves to send medical teams to a specific place or the transport of injured for treatment in Czech hospitals.

“We have experiences with the acceptance of foreign patients in Czech hospitals and provision of quality care,” Hamacek has tweeted.
This morning, Petricek also received representatives of the Belarusian community in the Czech Republic. The debate with them has not finished.

The unrest in Belarus started after the presidential vote. The authorities said President Alexander Lukashenko, who has been in office since 1994, won with 80 percent.

Many Belarusians consider the results fraudulent and started protesting publicly. Belarusian security forces have clamped down on the protesters, having detained 7,000 of them. Some 4,000 are still in custody. Several people died in the protests, and many more are missing.

On Wednesday, EU leaders agreed that the vote was neither fair nor free. They confirmed the sanctions on the Belarusian leaders responsible for the violent suppression of the protests and the falsification of the votes’ results.

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