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The Big List of Things to Do: Monday, Feb. 10 – Thursday, Feb. 13

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Monday, February 10

FebDok is a month-long festival of documentary films from all over Europe, running the 2nd through the 27th at Screenshot. Many are English-friendly. Most are 120k. *Various times. More Info Here.

Cirkopolis – Festival of New Circus returns for a week of incredible new circus acts. At Palác Akropolis, Ponec, Kasárna Karlín and a private flat in Prague 2. Shows are 350kc a pop. Until the 15th. *18.00h and *20.00h each day. More Info Here.

The žižkovšiška gang continue their Forman’s February series with a screening of his Oscar-winning 1975 dramedy “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. *Film starts at 21.00h, but come as early as 18.00h for some Czech chat. 50kc, includes free popcorn. More Info Here

A gala concert to benefit Motol Hospital Pediatric Oncology, with some pretty fantastic musical talents, including Elly Jay and Janet Feinstein. At Grand Hotel Bohemia. It’s 950kc a ticket, which might seem steep, but for kids with cancer, so come on! *19.00-21.30h. More Info Here.

A Maze in Tchaiovna will show the New Zealand documentary “Antarctica: A Year on Ice”, which has won numerous awards. It’s beautiful and thought-provoking and an all around worthwhile thing to see. FREE. *19.30h. More Info Here.

Movie Barf Mondays continues at Edison Filmhub, this time with one of last year’s Oscar nominees for Best Foreign Language Film “Shoplifters”, from Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda. The drama looks at a “family” (not biologically related) who are quite poor and must rely on shoplifting to survive. Some echoes of “Parasite” here. In Japanese with Czech and English subs. 150kc. *19.45h. More Info Here.

An evening of short experimental films at Kampus Hybernska, two from Ireland’s Experimental Film Society, one from Mexico’s Colectivo Los Ingravidos and one from Chilean director Matias A. Donoso. All English-friendly. In the Big Hall. Entry is FREE. *20.00h. More Info Here.

Ponrepo has been showing a retrospective of Fellini films, which we haven’t mentioned because they’re all in Italian with Czech subs. But his phantasmagorical deconstructionist 1972 “Roma”, made up of a series of vignettes, has large sections with either no dialogue or where the dialogue is inconsequential (only the first couple of bits really have dialogue of note). It’s a wild and rather amazing film, and one of our favs. Frankly, we don’t know why this innovative film’s style and structure has not been copied more by subsequent filmmakers. 80kc. *20.30h. More Info Here.

Houston’s Kendrick Scott Oracle is a jazz drummer, bandleader and composer (as well as founder of World Culture Music), and he’s coming to Jazz Dock with a new 12-song cycle called A Wall Becomes a Bridge (being released on Blue Note). Standing tickets are 400kc, seats are 800kc, cheaper in advance. *21.00-23.30h. More Info Here.


Tuesday, February 11

The Prague Municipal Plan continues on its merry way, and you can come to CAMP – Centrum architektury a městského plánování to get a sneak peek at plans for the Motol Valley and Botič area. In Czech and also Czech Sign Language. FREE but you should register. *18.00-19.30h. More Info Here.

More Wim Wenders at Ponrepo with his 1985 documentary “Tokyo-Ga”, about Japanese filmmaker Yasujirō Ozu. In a number of languages. 80kc. *18.00h. More Info Here.

Alifea hosts another great wine tasting, this one featuring wines from Alsace, specifically from Grand Cru Rangen, near the villages of Thann and Vieux-Thann, under the banner of Colmar-based Domaine Schoffit. 12 wines to try. 1200kc. *18.00-21.00h. More Info Here.

Synth Library Prague hosts a workshop led by musician and researcher Tatiana Heuman Qeei all about Collective Composition. Bring headphones, a computer and stems or samples to be used collectively. In English. 200kc. *18.30-21.30h. More Info Here.

ESN CU Prague hosts more Language Cafe fun, and this time around it’s Spanish! Así que ven a hablar algo de español. At Kampus Hybernska. FREE. *19.00-21.00h. More Info Here.

Man, people sure like the new Korean film “Parasite”. Apparently the director had toyed with the idea of actually making it a black and white film, but was talked into going full colour. But here’s a version in black and white, like he’d originally wanted. Screens the 10th through the 16th at Aero, Oko and Světozor, but only at Světozor on the 11th does it also have English subtitles. 145kc. *20.30h. More Info Here.

Olivia Wilde‘s first directing project, the coming-of-age film “Booksmart”, has been a bit of a darling with the critics. Now it’s at Kino Aero for one night, courtesy of film magazine Čelisti. 135kc. *20.30h. More Info Here.

FebDok continues (see FEB. 10) More Info Here.

Cirkopolis continues (see FEB. 10) More Info Here.


Wednesday, February 12

The farmer’s markets at JZP are opening up for another season of fresh goodness today. Woo hoo! *08.00-18.00h. More Info Here.

Napalm Death

Napalm Death are playing at Roxy. The British-American extreme metal band formed in England in 1981. Tickets are 690kc. More Info Here. 

Food Event is starting up another season of tasty awesomeness at the Anděl Pedestrian Zone. Next up: Sladký život, with 30 stalls offering sweet goodies like chocolates, macaroons, Sicilian cannoli, Belgian truffles, American donuts,  British cookies, cakes, strudels, frgály and oh, so much more. A perfect opportunity to get some sweets for your sweet before Valentine’s. FREE entry. *08.00-18.00h. More Info Here.

Queenie, everyone’s favorite Queen tribute act, are playing Kalich Theatre. This really is one of our favorite cover bands ever and the show is SOLD OUT, but maybe you can get some tickets if you look really hard. They’re doing gigs ahead of their big O2 performance later in the year. More Info Here. 

Řemesla živě

Řemesla živě is two full days of craft workshops covering a huge range of interests – auto mechanics, car painters, bricklayers, painters, cooks, tailors, tinsmiths, flooring, goldsmiths, ceramics, engravers, stone sculptors, hairdressers, makeup artists, fashion designers and hairdressers, just to name a few. More than 30 different experts will be on hand to show you how they do what they do.There’s also some virtual reality. At the New Town Hall. FREE entry, though some of the workshops cost. Also tomorrow. *09.00-17.00h. More Info Here.

Argentine image and sound designer Tatiana Cuoco leads a workshop on The Collective experience of AI, which looks at things like xenofeminism, cyborg subjectivity, data mining, “artificial organization of transfeminist sound expressions”, and more as well as the creation of various sound recordings which will then be organized with the help of an AI. Pretty interesting stuff. In English. At Synth Library Prague. 200kc. *18.30-22.30h. More Info Here.

Some great cuvée wines from Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Chile, CZ, France, Italy and Spain are on offer at Cellarius Karlín. 650kc. *19.00-21.00h. More Info Here.

An evening of wines from small producers from France, Argentina and Chile, plus tapas! At The Bistro in Vinohrady. 899kc per person, and you get 10% off any bottles you buy. *19.30-21.00h. More Info Here.

FebDok continues (see FEB. 10) More Info Here.

Cirkopolis continues (see FEB. 10) More Info Here.

Thursday, February 13

Kino Lucerna hosts the Northern Film Winter, or Nordic Film Festival, a festival of films from our neighbours up north. 18 screenings over six days, each one with both Czech and English subtitles. 135kc per film. Until the 18th. *Various times. More Info Here.

Another food pop-up at Point, this time spaghetti con polpette al sugo from Grill U Rošťáků. Plus some great Italian wines on hand. Reservations are an excellent idea. *18.00-22.00h. More Info Here.

Come to the Arts Center at Riverside School for a concert and student-led talk on climate change concerns to benefit Australian Red Cross and Australian Wildlife Fund. 50kc entry. *19.00-20.30h. More Info Here.


Looking for a night of Heavy Metal? Then  Hammerfall + Battle Beast should give you your fix.  They’re playing at Forum Karlin. More Info Here. 

Levain is having a special Valentine’s menu featuring roast quail, Atlantic Cod, fish cakes, lamb fillets and more. Reservations are a very good idea. *17.00-22.00h. More Info Here.

Mojo Stickers takes over part of R3 Bar for an evening of making street art stickers and drinking beer. FREE entry. *21.00h. More Info Here.

Kasárna Karlín repeats their night of the Best of Animated Short Films, with 20 shorts from 11 countries all in one evening. Everything is English- and Czech-friendly. Entry is 100kc. *19.00-20.40h. More Info Here.

Řemesla živě concludes (see FEB. 12) More Info Here.

FebDok continues (see FEB. 10) More Info Here.

Cirkopolis continues (see FEB. 10) More Info Here.


The Big List is put together in conjunction with our friends from The Prague Haps… give their Facebook page a like for events like this and more!


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