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The latest updates on Coronavirus in the Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic recorded 35 new coronavirus cases on Friday, the lowest figure since Monday, but the number of tests was also the lowest this week, only 3,584, according to the data released on the Health Ministry’s website at 9:00 today.

So far, 9,530 have got infected with the novel coronavirus in Czechia, of whom 6,881 have recovered and 327 have died. Consequently there are 2,322 currently infected in the country.

Since Friday, one COCID-19 patient has died. The ministry says that on Monday, one coronavirus-related fatality was registered, one with COVID-19 died on Tuesday and Wednesday each, three on Thursday and no one on Friday. However, the data may not be final.

The most coronavirus-afflicted region is the capital of Prague, having 2,194 COVID-19 patients, 1,335 of whom have recovered so far.

There are more than 168 infected per 100,000 inhabitants in the capital. The Karlovy Vary Region follows with almost 161 per 100,000. The South Bohemia Region fares the best with 29 per 100,000.

The highest number of patients with coronavirus has died in Prague, 97. Moravia-Silesia follows with 61 fatalities and 39 with COVID-19 have died in the Karlovy Vary Region to date. On the contrary, the lowest death toll, three only, is in the Zlin Region.

Most of the infected have a mild course of the COVID-19 disease. At present, 124 are hospitalised, 12 of whom in a serious condition.

However, epidemiologists point out that the overall statistical data on the coronavirus incidence in the country are not very relevant now and it is important to focus on the infection monitoring on the local level.

The biggest COVID-19 epicentre is now the Darkov coal mine in Karvina, north Moravia, where almost 400 miners and other employees and their relatives have contracted COVID-19 so far.

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