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The latest updates on Coronavirus in the Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic had 2,422 confirmed coronavirus infection cases this morning, their number rose by 373 on Friday, which is the so far highest daily increase, according to the data from the Health Ministry’s website.

The number of tests for the novel coronavirus has been rising, too. On Friday, healthcare staff carried out 5,247 tests, that is some 800 more than a day before. A total of 36,374 coronavirus tests have been made in the Czech Republic so far.

The number of the recovered from the COVID-19 disease increased by one to 11 on Friday. This was a patient treated with COVID-19 at the Central Military Hospital in Prague. The number of the COVID-19 fatalities has remained the same, nine, since Thursday.

The Czech Republic reported the first three COVID-19 patients on March 1.

The previous highest daily rise in the number of the new coronavirus cases was on Wednesday (291). On Thursday it dropped to 259.

In the world, the highest number of the confirmed novel coronavirus infection cases is recorded in thee United States. According to the data of the Johns Hopkins University, monitoring the pandemic developments, their number is approaching 105,000 in the USA. It is followed by Italy with almost 86,500 COVID-19 patients and China with some 82,000.

Daily numbers of tested samples and rise in number of people tested positive for coronavirus in Czechia in past week:

Daily number of performed tests Daily number of confirmed cases
March 21 1,880 158
March 22 1,793 114
March 23 2,247 126
March 24 2,976 185
March 25 4,098 291
March 26 4,429 259
March 27 5,247 373

Source: Health Ministry

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