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Confiscated masks being sent to original destination… Italy

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The Czech Republic will send the 100,000 face masks destined for Italy, confiscated in Lovosice, North Bohemia, to their original destination next week, Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek told journalists today.

Petricek said he would explain the situation to his Italian counterpart in a letter later today.

“The Czech authorities did not seize the things deliberately,” he added.

The raid was conducted against an organized group that is likely to have committed fraud.

The police will continue with the investigation. “I believe that they will be able to detect how is it possible that the things illegally appeared in a store in Lovosice,” Petricek said.

He said he was negotiating with Italians on the transport of 101,600 face masks. They could be driven across the Alps by a coach the Czech Republic is about to send for its citizens in Italy.

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