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Date night gets sizzling

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Spice things up with these cooking courses

Prague is a city for lovers, whether you’re wandering its narrow alleys in Old Town, sipping some Merlot in a wine bar or enjoying an intimate stroll in one of its many parks. While there are a plethora of options when it comes to a romantic night out, sometimes your relationship needs something a little more original than a reservation for a candle lit dinner. So ditch dining out and learn how to create the same ambiance in your own kitchen.

Exotic Cooking at Cocina Rivero

Instead of spending date night at a restaurant, why not learn some culinary skills that will impress your lover for years to come? Opened in 2011, Cocina Rivero is a cooking school where couples can work together to create delicious meals from all over the world.

Spice up your relationship by learning how to make sopa Azteca, a fiery tomato broth from Mexico. Go on a tour of Thailand with your taste buds by stir frying some pad krapow, a chicken dish with basil and chillies. Split a mousse au chocolate with fresh raspberries with your partner in the French course. Learn how to prepare chestnut with fried butter croutons goulash, the perfect meal to snuggle up with in front of a romantic fire as the season starts to get chilly.

Courses cost 1990Kč, are available in English and Czech and typically last three hours. All the ingredients and equipment are provided. Courses accommodate up to 12 people and you can make reservations on their website. Each lesson comes with a glass of wine, because, as chef Miro Mišutka says, “cooking is best enjoyed with a little alcohol.”
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Mixology at Parlour Bar

Wine might be good to set a romantic mood, but you can step it up a notch by learning how to make craft cocktails like any swanky bartender in the city center. Parlour is now hosting cocktail making classes for those who like to imbibe harder spirits than a glass of Pinot. Nestled in a cosy corner just off Václavské náměstí, this cocktail lounge is known as one of the city’s best hidden gems when it comes to adult beverages, and now you can learn from the masters.

In this course you’ll learn to stir up three different cocktails. The lesson focuses on classic cocktails, such as sours, martinis, fashions and fizzes. The bartenders at Parlour follow the Japanese’s philosophy of mixology, meaning no egg whites, no cherries, no lemons, no syrups and no juices. By the end you’ll know how to properly cut and prepare ice blocks as well as the difference between a jigger, a muddler and a strainer.

Lessons are offered in English, Czech and German. They cost a little more than 2000Kč per person and last three hours, ending at 17:30 just in time for the bar to open. The instructors provide all the equipment and a light snack so you won’t get too sloshed during your alcoholic education. So grab that cocktail shaker and get ready to impress your date and your friends.
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Chocolate Workshop at Chocotopia

Cooking a delicious meal and mixing a cocktail is great, but what about dessert? Luckily Chocotopia has you covered with their workshops where you can learn to whip up something for those with a sweet tooth. For more than 10 years, this chocolate shop has been showing tourists and locals alike that there’s so much more than milk chocolate. In addition to the delectable treats they offer in their shop–owners Henk Mestdagh and Simona Mestdag only work with quality Belgian chocolate–Chocotopia is also home to a chocolate museum.

You can become the chocolatier with a choice of different workshops. Learn to tame untempered chocolate and make fancy figurines just like the pros. In their praline course, you can cook up amazing truffles without a bubble or blemish. Other courses will teach you about the history of chocolate as well as how to decorate cakes, fruit cups and other luxury sweets.

Courses run between two and three and a half hours, depending on your selection. Prices range from 1499Kč to 2499Kč and include 15 percent off in their shop. Reservations can be made online.
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