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Coronavirus cases rose by 212 on Tuesday with outbreaks including a McDonalds and a Prague 2 nightclub

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The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic rose by 212 on Tuesday. That’s the highest since June 28, according to ČTK. Currently, for the first time since the beginning of the epidemic, there are over 5,000 active patients registered (precisely 5,046).

According to the Ministry of Health, 5,785 tests were performed in the Czech Republic yesterday. The number of deaths due to COVID-19 in the Czech Republic has so far remained at 360.

There are 120 people in quarantine, 59 new cases after a celebration at Techtle Mechtle, a nightclub in Prague 2 this past weekend turned out to be a coronavirus hotspot. The infected include several professional footballers from local teams including Sparta, Dukla, and Bohemians 1905 . At the centre of the outbreak is believed to be an asymptomatic infected person responsible for infecting the nightclub patrons. In a statement on their Facebook page, Techtle Mechtle confirmed a partygoer was indeed affected and assured the public all staff were being tested, saying the club would remain open.

At the beginning of the week, COVID-19 was confirmed at a McDonald’s location in Kladno. As a result, eleven people are in quarantine. The restaurant was disinfected by a professional service during the temporary closure and has been operating again since Tuesday, Dana Šalamunová, spokeswoman for Central Bohemian Hygiene, and Adam Rapák, a spokesperson on behalf of McDonald’s, told ČTK today.
“The decision to reopen this restaurant was made after consultation with the hygiene station,” said Rapák. According to Solomon, people from quarantine are being tested, the results should be available on Friday, and according to them, the hygienist will determine further measures.

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