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Coronavirus cases rise to 1.96% as problems become “cluster” spots

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The proportion of the COVID-19-infected in the total number of the tested surged to 1.96 percent on Sunday, the highest figure since April 20, when it stood at 2.35 percent, according to the data the Czech Health Ministry released in the morning.

On Sunday, there were 65 new cases of coronavirus and labs conducted 3,317 tests, reaching more than 400,000 in total.

The total number of infection cases is near 9,000. This morning, the Czech Health Ministry recorded 8,957 of them, while the number of COVID-19-related deaths remains at 315.

There have been 6,083 recoveries and 2,559 are currently ill with the disease.

The proportion of positive cases in the tested in a single day already soared on Saturday, when it reached 1.55 percent.

The indicator fell to the record low in May, 0.45 percent, on Thursday.

In recent days, the number of the ill has started slightly rising again. Before, it was constantly falling since mid-April, when there were roughly 4,800 cases.

Epidemiologists are warning that the problem is now posed by local clusters, especially in the Darkov mine in the north Moravian Karvina area. There, the COVID-19 broke out over a week ago.

Public health officers are now registering a total of 212 infected, but since all samples have not yet been checked, their number is expected to keep rising.

In the Karvina area, the ban on visits to hospitals and social facilities is still effective. Public gatherings for over 100 persons are not permitted either.

Elsewhere in the Czech Republic, lockdown rules were massively loosened indoors and outdoors today. Hotels and restaurants have reopened and first graders can return to school, provided strict sanitary and security rules are observed.

Prague has most, 2,036, cases of the infection, followed by the Moravia-Silesia Region with 1,477.

The lowest incidence of COVID-19 is in the South Bohemia and Vysocina regions, with 181 and 185 people, respectively.

When it comes to per capita incidence, the situation is also the worst in Prague with 156 per 100,000 population. It is followed by the Karlovy Vary and Moravia-Silesia regions with 153 and 123 cases.

By contrast, South Bohemia has the lowest number of the infected, 28 per 100,000 population, in the Czech Republic.

At the weekend, the COVID-19-related death toll rose by two. In all, Prague has 94 deaths, the Moravia-Silesia Region 58 and Karlovy Vary 37. Only two COVID-19 patients have died in the Zlin Region.

In most of the infected, the course of the COVID-19 has only been mild. At present, 148 are hospitalized, 24 of whom in serious condition.

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