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Councilors meet to award contract to build cable car connecting Prague 6 and 8

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Prague councilors will discuss public transport cars’ planned new visual appearance, plus the public contract for the construction of a cable car from Podbaba to Bohnice, financial statements of a transport company, reconstruction of Křižík pavilions at the Exhibition Grounds, contract for repair of a terrace on Budějovická, study of widening the junction at the South Junction or connecting Evropská and Svatovítská streets in Prague 6.

The new design of the Prague Integrated Transport cars is to unify their appearance on the territory of the metro and in the Central Bohemian Region, with which the system is gradually interconnected. Patrik Kotas, the author of the current color scheme of the 15T tram or M1 metro, is protesting that the appearance of the cars should change. He called the plan an infringement of his copyright, and the management of the metropolis threatens to sue.

Today, the councilors will also discuss the award of a contract for the construction of a cable car connecting Prague 6 and Prague 8, which should be handled directly by the transport company instead of the investment department of the municipality. The program also includes the financial statements of the transport company, which, according to the document, ended last year with a profit of 869,150 crowns. The Council will also approve the repair plan for Křižík’s pavilions, which, according to previous information, will be the first to repair Pavilion D.

The councilors will also approve the intention to announce a contract for the repair of the terrace above the Budějovická metro vestibule and the assignment of a technical study proposing the extension of the intersection of the South Junction with Vídeňská Street in Krč. It is also planned to connect Evropská and Svatovítská streets in Prague 6 with a new road leading along the railway through the premises of the Ministry of Defense. Councilors will also discuss other accommodation for the homeless, who were accommodated in hotels in response to the coronavirus epidemic.

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