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Crisis Chief warns curfew to follow if people violate quarantine rules

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Curfew regulations ordering people to remain indoors will be issued in the Czech Republic if people violate the coronavirus quarantine rules, Central Crisis Staff head Roman Prymula told today’s issue of daily Pravo.

If such stricter measures were adopted, the country would be totally paralyzed for two weeks, Pravo writes.

Under such circumstances, all movement would be completely restricted with the exception of critical infrastructure, such as power plants that must keep working.

However, Deputy Health Minister Prymula, an epidemiologist by profession, said he hoped that the Czech Republic would not have to apply such drastic measures.

But it is logical that the current deadlines of many restrictions would be extended, he added.

The parliament must approve the extension of the state of emergency.

The government declared a state of emergency for 30 days a week ago. It means that since March 13, events with more than 30 people are banned with the exception of meetings of senior political bodies, court hearings, and funerals. The public must not enter sports, sauna and wellness facilities, music and social clubs, libraries, and galleries.

Since then, the government has tightened the measures. It has closed most shops, with the exception of food shops, pharmacies, chemists, petrol stations and some others. All restaurants, bars, cafes, fast food establishments are closed, too.

Czech citizens and foreigners with permanent or temporary residence for at least 90 days in the country are banned from going abroad, while foreigners must not enter the Czech Republic since March 16 and the government also banned free movement across the whole of the Czech Republic since March 16 until 6:00 on March 24 a least. The ban does not relate to trips to work and healthcare facilities, necessary visits to family and essential shopping.

All people must go out only with faces masks or other mouth and nose covers since March 19.

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