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Czech ring busted smuggling drugs in fire extinguishers

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The Czech National Anti-drug Centre (NPS) has detained a gang of 12 people suspected of producing dozens of kilos of drugs, pervitin and marijuana, and trafficking in them mainly in Germany and the Karlovy Vary Region, west Bohemia, the NPS said in a press release today.

The group was smuggling drugs in fire extinguishers.

The police accused four of the detainees. They face up to 12 years in prison if convicted.

Two main organisers with criminal past headed the gang comprised mainly of Czechs.

The group leased houses in the Karlovy Vary Region. It used several houses and flats and a fully equipped mobile laboratory, being able to cook up to six kilos of methamphetamine (pervitin) during one cycle.

“There is no doubt about the contamination of all used real estate… It can be presupposed that the toxic substances ended in sewerage or as illegal waste in the environment”, the NPC said.

The group invented a sophisticated cache for drugs, smuggling them in fire extinguishers.

“The fire extinguishers were modified with part of the extinguishing mixture kept inside to make an impression of being intact and fully functioning during a possible check. It was possible to transport about 0.5 kilo of a substance in an extinguisher,” the NPC described.

The gang also used a network of growers for marijuana production who looked after dozens of hemp plants in special tents and flats. They sold the plants for further processing. Marijuana was supplied to users in the Czech Republic and Germany.

A total of 150 police officers as well as customs officers and firefighters took part in the operation dubbed Princess to bust the drug gang.

During 20 home searches and 22 searches of other facilities in the Karlovy Vary Region and in Germany, the police seized more then nine million crowns, six illegally possessed firearms, a mobile laboratory for meth cooking, equipment for hemp cultivation, one kilo of meth, one kilo of ecstasy party drug and three kilos of dry marijuana.

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