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Czech universities concerned over returning Chinese students

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Some Czech universities have recommended to their Chinese students that they should not return from their holidays in China for some time for fear of the coronavirus outbreak, daily Lidove noviny (LN) writes today.

However, some of them have already returned to the Czech Republic.

“Four Chinese students have returned. All of them are in the quarantine on our campus. They are in a good health condition, but they do not attend lectures,” Magdalena Strakova, the spokeswoman for the University of Finance and Administration (VSFS), said.

The university is watching the situation, preparing measures within law about which it keeps informing its students.

Strakova said the students who had flown to China had received a strict recommendation by e-mail that they should not plan their return to the Czech Republic and that they should follow the instructions of both their home and Czech universities.

“If any of them do not respect the recommendation, they must tell in advance the number of their flights. Upon arrival, they will be sent to a two-week quarantine on the Vlkova Campus. They will not be able to come out, even to the school. Or else, they will be liable for the disciplinary proceedings,” she added.

VSFS rector Bohuslava Senkyrova has sent a letter to the staff and students saying that the university took preventative measures in order to eliminate possible risks as much as possible.

Strakova said a large part of Chinese students had not traveled back home, staying in the Czech Republic.

At Charles University in Prague, there are about 360 Chinese students. UK representatives are in contact with the Prague sanitary station, obeying its instructions.

“The ten persons who recently arrived to UK from China are now outside communication with other people. None of them has announced any symptoms of the illness,” UK spokesman Vaclav Hajek has told the paper.

There are almost 100 Chinese at the University of Economics (VSE) in Prague. It is not yet known how many of them have left for China for the winter holidays.

“Based on the demand of the sanitary station, we are examining the state of affairs. We will proceed according to its instructions,” VSE spokeswoman Martina Mlynarova has told the paper.

A total of 24 students are to return to the spring term of Masaryk University (MU) in Brno that is to start in late February.

“We are consulting the Regional Sanitary Station Brno and the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the Teaching Hospital Brno on our steps. We are in individual contact with the students,” MU spokeswoman Tereza Fojtova said.

She said that some of them already knew that they would not be granted the visas.

There are still four Czech MU students in China. MU has asked them to return, Fojtova said.

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