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Czechs may have to register when visiting pubs and restaurants

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Czechs will likely have to register to visit pubs and restaurants to make it easier to detect Coronavirus’s occurrence and spread in the near future, the Minister of Health Roman Prymula has said. A similar measure is already in place in Germany or Britain, for example.

“We plan that people who go to restaurants will register there,” the Prymula said. However, he did not state the date of introduction.

Visitors to restaurants or cafés in Germany are well aware of the registration from the beginning of the release after the first coronavirus wave. At first, the operators of these facilities had it recommended. From June, it became an obligation with the proviso that the data can be destroyed after four weeks at the earliest.

Germany’s effort has been filled with false data, where instead of real names, people leave addresses for Donald or Batman’s duck. This week, however, the federal government, together with the individual federal states, agreed that a fine of at least 50 euros (CZK 1,360) would be imposed for fictitious contacts. The exception is Saxony-Anhalt, which has already canceled the forms. On the other hand, the highest penalty is in Schleswig-Holstein, where it can reach thousands of euros (CZK 27,000).

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