Dog adoption. Everything you need to know

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Dog adoption is a happy and amazing time. However, you have to take it responsibly and with a clear head. Only then the process of adoption can be successful and you will find your best friend.

Where And How to Choose

Dogs available for adoption are waiting for you in the shelters. There are many of them. Thanks to the internet, you can search for a dog from distance and read all the available information about them. Then you can consider if the dog is right for you. But nothing compares to personal a visit in order to see the dogs right in the shelter. The selection of a dog, especially from a shelter, is a matter of the heart.

As humans, we’re driven by the desire to help, comfort, and provide a better home and life filled with endless love for a pet. But be careful. Really consider which dog can adapt to your lifestyle. Don’t pick a dog according to their look but focus on the character. Be practical. You have to think about how much time you have, how much space and how active you can be.

Whether you can offer an apartment or a whole garden to your dog, whether you can handle the training of a larger breed or you want a calm little dog. Only then you can earn a dog and make your relationship work. It is no exception that you can find clean-bred individuals or unique and expensive breeds. Do not think about them as a good offer – exclusive dog and almost for free. Every breed has its needs, claims, and require proper care. No matter where they come from.

If you already have your eyes on a dog, ask shelter workers some additional information and go for a walk together. Do not rush. Go out at least for an hour, watch the dog. In the shelter, ask where the dog come from, why is it in the shelter, if it has some special needs or claims (health issues – how to treat it, what to do, what to feed it etc.). Ask whether it can be in a common room with a cat or children, etc. But it is very common that dogs can adapt too many things.

At Home With a New Dog

If your selection was right, you can go home together. However you did a great thing, not only for yourself but also for a dog, do not be carried away and be consistent. Be friendly, good but relentless and with clearly set rules. You have to show immediately that your are alfa dog in your pack and the dog will easier feel comfortable. You will make decisions and you will set boundaries. But give your dog time to observe the new place, do not make contact all the time and do not pet and hug him. If he wants he will come to you. In nutshell, give him time for adaptation.



The arrival of a dog from a shelter is practically the same as from the breeder. You need a dog bed, bowls. toys, treats, leash, collar, animal feed, and other necessities.  After a few days, you’ll see what’s missing and you need to purchase. For example, during warmer weather think about anti-parasitic drugs to fight off fleas and ticks.


Things That Make Dog Uncomfortable

Because some dogs come from some dysfunctional surroundings, in the beginning, we have to observe a dogs behavior and whether certain objects scare or disturb him. We’ve met a female dog up for adoption who seeks shelter and urinates herself with very little provocation. Obvious that she was beaten and mistreated, she had a rough life before. She wasn’t easy to pet, bath, or even put on a collar. She was always afraid when anyone raised their hand. Eventually, that fear went away and today she is an active, happy animal. Similarly, dogs can be afraid of newspapers, brooms, leashes, or things that were worn by people who hurt them (hats, glasses, keys…). Try to put away objects from a dog that may trigger them. You want your dog to be happy and comfortable in their home.

Who Can Adopt a Dog?

There aren’t many conditions to stop you from adoption in the Czech Republic:

– you must have at least 18 years

– you have to show your ID

– you must have a permanent address in the Czech Republic

– you must have to fill protocol in the shelter

Every shelter can have more requirements for example: to have experience with the breed, to have a garden, to be available to check the dog in a new home or adoption fee.


In Conclusion…

A dog from a shelter is not second-rate. In contrary. This dog came to the shelter because previous owners were irresponsible and unable to take proper care. Dogs desire your companion and they want to forget about bad things. Therefore we stress, choose wisely. Then there is a smaller chance you will choose the pet which you can afford financially, physically or you do not offer proper space. There would be no other option than to take your pet back to the shelter and cause additional trauma.


Long-distance adoption

When adoption is no longer an option but you still want to support dogs in the shelter, you can send financial or material help. You can also choose long-distance adoption, which is something a majority of shelters offer this option. On the internet, you can choose an available dog, become their virtual owner and you will pay for their health care, food, and every other need. Okay, you’ll miss some puppy cuddles,  but one thing is for sure: you will feel amazing for helping a pet in need.

A Few Things to Consider Before Adoption:

– Do I have enough means and time?

– Is my house big enough for a new dog?

– Can I be relentless but also friendly and loving?

– Do I have enough patience for a timid untrained dog?

– Can I choose wisely and not according to dog eyes and howling?

– Are my means in conformity with the claims of dog?

Adoption is amazing. If you consider buying a new dog or to add one to your pack, think about shelter options. You will be surprised at how amazing shelter dogs are!

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