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EDM Café: Putting the “House” in Coffee House

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Typically, cafés and coffee houses have a reputation for playing music that’s on the lighter side of things. Smooth listening jazz, acoustic covers, and indie music even make up an entire music category called “Coffee House”. But one new Vinohrady café has rejected that stereotype.

The inside of EDM Café may look pretty standard with its cozy-chic interior and comfy mid-century inspired chairs and sofas, but the soundtrack in the café is anything but expected. The EDM in EDM Café stands for Electronic Dance Music.

Does dance music make sense in a coffee shop? Surprisingly, yes. It’s an excellent soundtrack for motivation (along with the caffeine) to get things done for digital nomads and students. And the music isn’t overpowering, so it’s still perfect to meet up with friends for an afternoon or even as a pre-game before going out for the night.

The café also serves up a variety of sweet and savory offerings as well as beer from Vinohradsky Brewery, cocktails, wines, and champagnes.


EDM Café

Vinohradská 86/111

774 454 433

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