Education Minister says Czech schools may reopen in late May

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Czech schools that have been closed since March 11 over the coronavirus epidemic may be reopened in late May, Education Minister Robert Plaga (ANO) told Czech Television (CT) today.

He said the Health Ministry has to set the conditions for the reopening, such as a sufficient amount of disinfectants, face masks or thermometers at schools.

Plaga said there were no other alternative plans for the reopening of schools that would be based on the Health Ministry data and on the development of the coronavirus outbreak.

If schools cannot be reopened by June 1, the secondary school final exams will be canceled this year. The average of the last three school reports would be used instead of the final exam, he added.

Charles University Rector Tomas Zima told CT that as it is possible for some 30 people to meet under strict sanitary conditions, he can see no reason why four or five university students could be work in a lab, have a tutorial or take an exam.

Plaga repeatedly said it is impossible to have students at Czech primary and secondary schools and keep at a distance between them because there was not enough space in the schoolrooms.

He said not all measures adopted abroad can be introduced in Czechia.

Zima said it needs to be defined when the current measures against the new coronavirus will be changed or moderated. Coronavirus will not disappear, it will be present like the influenza viruses are present, he said.

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