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800 million crown in film incentives approved for next year

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The Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of Czech parliament, passed for the State Cinematography Fund’s (SFK) budget expenditures of 1.23 billion crowns, including 800 million for film incentives, on Wednesday night.

The same sum was allocated to incentives for foreign film crews in the past few years.

The fund will get the sum in the form of a subsidy from the state budget.

However, the CFK demands that the sum be raised by 500 million crowns for next year and the other years to come.

Culture Minister Lubomir Zaoralek (junior government Social Democrats, CSSD) said in mid-November that he expected the Czech Republic to release more than 800 million crowns for film incentives in 2020.

In 2019, film-makers drew the same sum of 800 million by mid-year because of a high interest of foreign film crews in shooting in the Czech Republic.

PM Andrej Babis (ANO) promised in November to increase the sum for incentives by another 500 million crowns to 1.3 billion for this year. Zaoralek said even more might be added next years.

The incentives enable film-makers to get part of their costs returned. They apply to various projects from a short shooting lasting a few days to the production of long TV series with 100 shooting days.

Last year, foreign film-makers brought almost five billion crowns to the Czech Republic. This year, the projects in the incentive programme reached this sum in June already.

The SFK expects the demand for incentives and the inflow of foreign film investments to continue in 2020, and this is why it calls for the rise in the total sum for this purpose.

A total of 84.7 million crowns are earmarked for the CFK’s operational costs, such as salaries, the operation and promotion and presentation of Czech cinematography abroad, while 349.9 million are designated for support of film projects in 2020.

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