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Fire in group home takes lives of eight mental health patients in Vejprty

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Eight people with mental and combined impairment died and another three were seriously injured in the fire in a group home in Vejprty today, Vejprty Mayor Jitka Gavdunova has told journalists.

Gavdunova said 30 people additional people were marked as safe as firefighters continue finishing putting out of the fire.

In cooperation with the Usti Region, the municipal social service authority is now moving the survivors from the burnt-out home to other facilities, its director Viktor Kolacek said.

Usti Region health emergency service spokesman Prokop Volenik said three people suffered serious injuries in the fire with one requiring hospitalization. Others only suffered minor injuries or smoke inhalation. They are being checked by paramedics.

“The fire in the home was reported at 4:49. It is being put out and is not spreading,” a firefighting officer said.

Due to bad weather, a life flight helicopter could not take off. There are seven health teams, including two German teams on the scene of the accident. Paramedics from the Karlovy Region are helping, too.

The fire in Vejprty with eight fatalities is the second most tragic since 1990. The worst was that from October 2010, when nine homeless people died in Prague.

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