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Frankie says Relax: Pizze di Frankie’s is now a thing

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Pizza di Frankie goes from Frankie’s home kitchen to a more traditional restaurant setting at Otakarova 5, Prague 4, Nusle

For the past few years, Francesco Gallucci, a.k.a. Frankie, has run a Neapolitan pizza haven out of his third floor flat near Karlovo náměstí. Hosting Half Day Take-Aways a couple of nights per week, customers would message him on Facebook and set up a time to pick up their pizza.  Frankie, it could be said, has become a bit of an underground pizza legend.

Although he was obviously destined to be a pizza connoisseur, this was not Frankie’s original plan. He actually studied law and worked in marketing after graduating from school, ending up in Prague for an internship-turned-job almost a decade ago.

Flash forward five years and Frankie is making pizzas as a hobby for himself and friends, branching out to street festivals just a year later. A year after that, in 2016, he quit his corporate job and devoted himself to providing Prague with authentic pizza from his home country. For the past several years, his apartment has been his home kitchen, having received the proper certifications to use it commercially.

But, as Frankie says “as an early Christmas gift”, he’s opening his new mostly-takeaway restaurant Pizza di Frankie at Otakarova 5, Prague 4, Nusle.  They’ll open for business until 3 pm on December 24. So, if you were searching for that last-minute gift idea – we’d totally suggest a Pizza Margherita. Just stick a bow on the box.

There’s no word yet if the Sylvester Stallone and sports car posters from Frankie’s flat will make the journey to Nusle as decor, but we’re looking forward to checking out the new spot regardless. Read more about It in our January issue Restaurant Openings. Follow Pizze di Frankie on Facebook.

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