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Czech Republic’s Furch Guitars opens shop in Nashville

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Furch Guitars, a Czech manufacturer of acoustic guitars, made its first step on the United States market by opening a shop in Nashville, Tennessee, its director Petr Furch told CTK during a visit by US ambassador Stephen King to Furch headquarters on Wednesday.

Although Furch Guitars started selling guitars in the USA in 2003, it sold only several dozen a year. Next year, the company expects to sell hundreds in the USA alone.

Furch said the results of the first three months in Nashville surpassed his expectations, selling 127 guitars for a total sum of 109,000 dollars.

The company has three representatives working at the shop and three other representatives who travel around the United States.

“When the US retailers meet us in person, their trust grows and they include our brand in their portfolios,” Furch said, adding that he chose Nashville because it is the “Silicon Valley of the music industry.”

Furch Guitars were chosen by many famous musicians. In the USA, for example, they are the instruments of choice for jazz guitarist Al Di Meola and folk singer Suzanne Vega.

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