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Holiday weekend was deadliest of the year with 16 road fatalities

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Last weekend became the most tragic on Czech roads since the beginning of this year, according to preliminary statistics, at least 16 people died in the past four days.

According to the police, 14 people lost their lives in traffic accidents from Friday to Sunday, while the holiday Monday has claimed two lives. Friday was the most fatalities, with six dead, the most in one day this year. According to daily police statistics, three people died on Saturday and another five on Sunday.
Additionally, almost twenty involved in the collisions ended up with serious injuries.

“So far, the last victim of the extended weekend is a cyclist who died in the evening in Vodňany, South Bohemia,” said regional police spokesman Milan Bajcura on Czech Television. The driver of the car did not survive the collision with the truck near Kolín early in the morning. The balance for Monday will be published by the police later today.

“From Friday to Sunday, 14 people died in accidents, many of them due to extreme recklessness and recklessness of drivers. The most endangered group are traditionally bikers; five of them died, “the police informed in the morning.

On Sunday evening, Prague police officers also intervened in the fatal accident of their colleague from Ostrava. The driver of a car from behind crashed into a police car at full speed, in which a 32-year-old police officer died, and two other police officers from the Moravian-Silesian Region were seriously injured. The woman was suspected to be driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and is now awaiting charges.
Last year, accidents on the holiday weekend of July claimed six lives from Friday to Sunday, and four more people died Thursday before that.
During the holidays, the police increase their compliance with traffic rules every year. According to the director of the traffic police, Jiří Zlý, the causes of accidents during the two summer months do not deviate from the year-round trends. “The most tragic causes, which account for more than 50 percent of the fatal consequences, are non-speeding, non-adaptation to speed and the traffic condition of the road, failure to drive and going in the opposite direction,” Zlý said recently. Zly says police officers will be on the roads in higher numbers throughout the summer holidays.

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