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The Big Weekend List of Things to Do: Friday, Jan. 17 – Sunday, Jan. 19

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Friday, January 17

Microbrewery Malešice, out near the edge of Prague 10, is having a celebration of cutlets all weekend with their Řízkobraní 2020. You got your classic veal cutlet; you got turkey, chicken, pork neck, bull testicles (yes, really) and also a veggie cutlet made of portobello mushrooms, zucchini, sweet potatoes and cauliflower (which, frankly, sounds pretty darned awesome). Plus fried bananas or ruby chocolate for desserts. And, of course, their pretty damned good beers as well, made fresh right there (including some traditional bottom-fermented stuff). Prices are good, ranging from 179kc to 249kc. All weekend. *11.00-23.00h. More Info Here. 

Agora Greek Bistro & Food Market in Old Town, which has some damned fine Greek food, is doing their first bouzouki party of the year. So eat, drink, be merry and listen to some traditional Greek music, all at the same time. *19.00h. More Info Here. 

The Weekend of French Films is just that – 12 examples of recent French cinema over three days. All are, of course, in French with Czech subs, and two of them (“Les Misérables” and “Le Belle Epoque”) also have English subs. Films are 130kc each. Until the 19th. *Various times (starts at 14.00h today). More Info Here. 

The Írán : ci Film Festival is the first major film festival of the year. It’s a showcase of new cinematic work from Iran. Seven feature films, five documentaries, two older pioneering works, 10 short films and an evening showing two Afghan films are just the main events. There are also talks, food and more. Goes every day until Sun. the 19th. Mainly at Kino Světozor, but also at Bio Oko and Screenshot. Everything with Czech and English subtitles. Films are 145kc each. *Various times. More Info Here. 


TolkienCon is a three-day con for Tolkien fans. And we mean SERIOUS Tolkien fans but there’s also some general fantasy stuff in the program as well. Talks on topics ranging from the mother of English gardens to the Elven bard Tinfang, songs, and music inspired by LOTR; discussions on the new Netflix Witcher series and what zombies in Middle Earth would be like, theatrical performances and more. It’s 350kc for the whole shebang, and in advance, it’s cheaper. Until the 19th. *Various times. More Info Here.

You may not know about Sauna World, way down on the southern outskirts of town. That’s why they’re doing an Open Day, so you can check it out. A lotta info on things like the history of saunas, different what are called “sauna rituals”, and, of course, access to their various saunas. Usually, when a place does a day like this to drum up business, it’s free. But not these super capitalists! It’s 420kc. Which is still a pretty good price. *14.00-19.00h. More Info Here. 

As part of the Írán : ci Film Festival, there’s the Taste of Iran. Chef Ata Alipour of Aubergine Persian Restaurant makes all kinds of delicious Persian dishes every day until everything’s sold out. At Kino Světozor. Until the 19th. *18.00-22.00h daily. More Info Here.

Winnie the Pooh Party

Winnie the Pooh Day is January 18. Purists say his birthday is in August, but this is Milne’s birthday, so that’s close enough. To mark this day, Embera Pre-School Center in Prague 5 is hosting an overnight kids’ pajama party where they are invited to bring their favourite teddy bear. For kids 3 and up. Is it free? Dunno. *18.00-11.00h (ends the next morning). More Info Here. 

The Prague Film Awards comes to Kino Atlas once again, with independent films from around the world in competition. Everything is English-friendly. A bit of planning is a good idea, since it’s a first-come, first-served ticketing system. All films are FREE. Films run *19.00-22.00h. More Info Here. 

De soundz, dey massive from the likes of SwampSounD, DWCsound, FDM Freax, Exit23, DDM and So-Watt. Also a big laser and light show, chillout spaces and more at Výstaviště Holešovice’s Křižíkův Pavilion B. It’s Winter Conspiracy 2020, or what we used to call a BIG rave. Goes all night long. The cryptic marketing copy does not include anything like entry fees, so dunno what those are. Anyway. DJs, noise, drinks, glow sticks – you know the drill. *19.00-07.00h.  More Info Here. 

Kasárna Karlín shows four short films by the folks from ActingHorse camera acting training school, featuring local talents both in front of and behind the camera. FREE. *20.30-23.30h. More Info Here. 

Jan Filipenský is hot – literally. He’s a one-man fire show that’s much more than just the same old fire-eating you’ve seen a gazillion times. At Prague Fear House. FREE entry. 20.30-02.00h. More Info Here. 


Saturday, January 18

Video equipment rental company Los Rentalos teams up with the gang at proster39 for Video Fest – a day chockablock with workshops and talks from the likes of Sony, Sigma, Black Magic and more; hands-on workshops on things like colour grading and lighting, techniques like anamorphic lenses and a lot more for the aspiring video maker. Three floors of fun. Entry is FREE. *09.00-22.00h. More Info Here. 

‘Tis truly the pig-slaughter season, and the folks at Meat Beer, right over by the main train station, are getting in on the action for an afternoon. They’ll have all the zabíjačka classics, and it’s an all-you-can-eat affair for a mere 460kc per person. Reservations are a good idea. *12.00-17.00h. More Info Here. 

Bistro à Table in Prague 6 is celebrating the Czech version of pancakes – Lívance. Sweet versions (cinnamon sugar, hot raspberry with pistachios, maple syrup with pecans) but also savory (avocado, egg, pea sprout, and chive; duck confit, red wine caramelized onion, tarragon mustard, brie cheese) plus some nice wines. DIshes are 79-169kc. All-day or until they run out. *09.00-22.00h. More Info here.

T-Anker, up on the roof of Kotva, is having a real old-style zabíjačka, with all the yummy classic, demos on how to do things like correctly fill sausage casings, and lots and lots of beer from Kamenice nad Lipou, Lužiny, Permon, and Libertas. *13.00-20.00h. More Info Here.

A tour guiding professional originally from the UK, Bianca Race, is going to give a 2 ½ hour tour of the Old Town and Josefov. It’s 100% tip-based (so give what you can) and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the charity Celeste Barber’s Australian Wildfires Fundraiser. So come learn some stuff and do a good deed at the same time. Bianca will have a black umbrella and be in front of the Cartier shop on Old Town Square. *14.30-17.00h. More Info Here. 

Female Shred aims to highlight the ladies who like to shred, which is slang for skateboarding. It’s a whole thing, with music, a video crew, refreshments and much more. At the punker, skater, vegan haven Eternia Smichov. FREE entry. *16.00-03.00h. More Info Here. 

The venerable Rock Cafe, where everyone eventually ends up on a drinking binge in the center, celebrates 29 years with some serious music from Prago Union and Brass Avenue, plus poetry slam action (in Czech!) and an afterparty with Hello Marcel. 300kc. *19.00-03.00h.  More Info Here. 

Řízkobraní 2020 continues at Microbrewery Malešice (see JAN. 17) More Info Here. 

TolkienCon continues (see JAN. 17) More Info Here. 

The Írán : ci Film Festival continues (see JAN. 17) More Info Here. 

The Weekend of French Films continues (see JAN. 17) More Info Here. 

The Taste of Iran continues (see JAN. 11) More Info Here. 


Sunday, January 19

Tomb Raider

It’s time once again for the annual meeting of Fans of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft. They say they’re meeting at their “traditional” place, which is the top of the escalators at the Muzeum metro station and then they will go…somewhere. Probably keeping the location a secret to throw Jaqueline Natla off their scent. They will play Tomb Raider card and board games, plan fun outings for 2020 and generally talk about how awesome Lara Croft is. FREE, of course. *Meet at 10.00h. More Info Here. 

Waffle makers Waf-Waf are opening a new location in the OC Palladium food court, and are having all sorts of specials throughout the day to celebrate. The first 100 customers get really special surprises. 10.00-22.00h. More Info Here.

You’ve got your wine tastings, your beer tastings, your food tastings – so why not an olive oil tasting? Sponsored by a company that makes olive leaf extract that supposedly “promotes healthy benefits” (and yes, like a timeshare presentation, you have to hear their pitch before getting to the good stuff). It costs 100kc. At Lávka, of all places. *10.30-15.00h. More Info Here. 

Shinrin-Yoku is a Japanese nature therapy that translates as “forest bathing” that started back in the 1980s. It’s basically going out into “the nature”, but mindfully (not on your phone, or texting, or talking about where you’re going to eat later), just being among the trees, listening to the sounds, feeling the air, seeing the colours and the light. Sounds like hippie nonsense, except that studies show it may actually have health benefits – lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, lower blood pressure, greater parasympathetic nerve activity and lower sympathetic nerve activity, as well as lower levels of depression and hostility. Czechs do this all the time, but maybe we Praguers never seem to find the time. Maybe in these infuriating times, this is a tonic after all? Up at the Castle Gardens. Bring warm clothes. 750kc. *11.00-14.00h. More Info Here. 

Got a rabbit you think is championship material? There are training sessions out in Branik every Sunday to make your little hopper a true competitor in the cutthroat world of rabbit show jumping. Yes, that’s a real thing, and these people are pretty serious about it. Rabbits must be at least three months old, vaccinated, have food, a leash at least 2 meters long, a cage or crate; you must have slippers (no accidental stomping on bun buns!). These are serious training sessions, NOT a daycare, and you must register in advance. They’d prefer you make a reservation by SMS. Cost is 70kc per session. Every Sunday until April 26 at *14.00h. More Info Here. 

An English-dubbed version of the 2019 animated film “Fritzi: A Revolutionary Tale: about a girl, a dog and the fall of the Berlin Wall” At Kino Pilotů. 130kc. *15.15-17.00h. More Info Here.

Kino Stories: Four Tales of the Revolution is a combo of film and lecture looking at the Velvet revolution from four perspectives – a student forced to testify against Havel in early 1989, an organizer of the Nov. 17 protest that became “the massacre”, a Communist Party official who didn’t grasp what was happening and an StB member who really, really disapproved. In Czech. At Kasárna Karlín. FREE. *18.00-20.00h. More Info Here. 

Vibes Quintet

Who says the xylophone can’t rock out? Sure worked for Lionel Hampton, and it sure works for legendary Spanish jazzman Jorge Rossy. He’s put together one helluva group to form his Vibes Quintet – fellow Catalan guitarist Jaume Llombart, American saxophonist Mark Turner, Chicago bassist Doug Weiss and legendary drummer Billy Hart, who was part of Herbie Hancock’s sextet. It’ll be a great show. At Jazz Dock. Standing tickets are 500kc, 1000kc for a seat. *21.00-23.00h. More Info Here. 

Anti-Flag is playing at 7pm at Roxy. The American punk rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is well known for political activism, focusing on anti-war activism, anti-imperialism, class struggle, human rights, and various sociopolitical sentiments. And we all know the world could use a good punk anthem these days. More Info Here. 

Řízkobraní 2020 concludes at Microbrewery Malešice (see JAN. 17) More Info Here. 

TolkienCon concludes (see JAN. 17) More Info Here. 

The Írán : ci Film Festival concludes (see JAN. 17) More Info Here.

The Weekend of French Films concludes (see JAN. 17) More Info Here. 

The Taste of Iran concludes (see JAN. 17) More Info Here. 




The Big List is put together in conjunction with our friends from The Prague Haps… give their Facebook page a like for events like this and more!

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