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Czech set designer Nora Sopkova nominated for Oscar for work in Jojo Rabbit

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Czech set designer Nora Sopkova was nominated for Oscar in the category production design along with Ra Vincent for her work in the film Jojo Rabbit. The film was directed by New Zealand director Taika Waititi.

The film was partially shot in the Czech Republic and it was one of the foreign films which used the incentives provided by the Czech state.

“I admire Vincent for having risked it. He could have taken along with him his own set decorator, with whom he is used to working with, but he chose a Czech team instead,” Sopkova has told CTK.

When the film crew decided to shoot the film in the Czech Republic, they addressed local people offered by the Czech production, she added.

“Ra Vincent chose us because I have obviously well mapped the terrain here. We are very grateful to him for this. The cooperation was very pleasant,” said Sopkova, who has been working as a set decorator for 14 years.

As a set decorator, Sopkova also worked on the Danish Royal affair and the series Carnival Raw.

Sopkova first worked in the theatre, dance, and choreography.

The Czech-New Zealandese tragicomedy Jojo Rabbit describes the story of a ten-year boy named Jojo (played by Roman Griffin Davis) whom his imaginary friend Adolf Hitler, played by Waititi himself, helps fulfill his dream to become a full-fledged Nazi.

The Czech film Painted Bird was on the shortlist for a nomination in the best foreign film category but was passed over.

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