Where to find us

The Prague Resident can be found free on the first of every month at over 1300+ locations across Prague. Our distribution ranges from the offices of Prague’s largest expat employers to international schools, cafés, restaurants, waiting rooms, cultural destinations and more. Here’s a partial list….

How do we make sure we reach our delivery areas?

For hand delivery, we deliver The Prague Resident and the Prague Visitor using Technology! We worked with CVUT to develop a special phone app to makes sure we get to all locations in our delivery network each month. The delivery amount is monitored and adjusted based on the previous month and occupancy expectations, so we’re able to prevent product waste. Watch more about how we use technology for delivery in the video below. 

A large portion of The Prague Resident is also delivered through our partnership with Česká pošta, who delivers packets of our magazines to hundreds of locations across Prague each month. 

Want to receive the magazine?

If you’re a company in Prague and you’d like to receive the magazines for your guests or employees, email your details to distribution@praguevisitor.eu and we’ll add you to the list! You can also pick the magazine each month from our offices located at Nerudova 25, Prague 1.

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