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Manifesto’s Summer Pop-Up in Smichov

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Imagine walking down the street and you lay eyes upon a deserted square filled with dust, waste, and garbage. The space does not look particularly inviting, definitely somewhere you would not usually want to walk past. Now imagine walking past that same area, filled with vendors selling an assortment of food, the space brimming with visitors and a relaxed but vibrant atmosphere. That changed scenery is what Manifesto seeks to achieve with their projects. Manifesto believes in revitalizing areas in Prague that were previously desolate and empty by introducing marketspaces that provide high quality dishes and fun cultural events. 

The orginal Manifesto Market is located in Na Florenci, and the project has been praised by innumerous news outlets for its creativity and impact on the community and larger city alike. New York Times lauded Manifesto Market’s ability to “push for the innovative use of Prague’s cityscape while Stimulating the senses.” The invigorating energy and community that Manifesto has introduced to Prague cannot be understated as Lonely Planet, E15, and Denik have all commended Manifesto’s astronomical influence. Manifesto Florenc alone has introduced 180+ jobs and created a community with over 6 million users with the help of social networks. The market is also a great place for incubating new restaurants and testing out adventurous concepts as six restaurants now have brick and mortar locations after their involvement with Manifesto. Martin Barry, the creative driving force behind Manifesto, states that he wants Manifesto to be “enjoyable, inspiring, memorable, and surprising”, which are sentiments visitors share amongst each other after a trip to Manifesto Florenc. 

Barry aims to establish several new locations in the Manifesto chain by 2020. He will be starting with Manifesto Smichov, the second market, that is located in the unused yard of the Národní dům communal building. This pop up will not be as long lasting as its Na Florenci sibling as it is geared more towards a summery atmosphere, so clear up your schedule to visit this gastronomical paradise before it relocates. The market, located on Namesti 14 Rijna square, will be easy to reach for anyone who wishes to enjoy all that Manifesto Smichov will offer. The market will be a few steps from Anděl transit, Nový Smíchov shopping mall, and is a 3-minute tram ride from Mala Strana’s Ujezd. Aside from enjoying this market, it is also walking distance from the river and Dancing House so you can enjoy both the food as well as the Prague cityscape. 

One of the most unique and technologically advanced features of Manifesto is their cashless policy. Manifesto will be launching two new important features that you should be on the lookout for during your visit. One is a Manifesto prepaid card, that will standardize the payment method and make it easier for customers and vendors alike to complete transactions. The other is a food delivery option through the application Wolt; Now you can order from all vendors with a single order. 

As one of Manifesto’s main missions is to beautify a previously desolate and avoided space, the market will feature a green labyrinth designed by the celebrated Czech architectural duo Chybik + Kristof. The ingenious duo seek to revive the historical layers of the building by taking advantage of the greenery and focus on the water installation to reflect the temporality of this pop up. Chybik states they want to create a summer oasis in the city that reflects 19th century façade, juxtaposed with the contemporary additions. Manifesto has collaborated with David Karasek’s design studio, mmcité, in the past and will continue this relationship through the introduction of Karasek’s new picnic benches named rauster. However, there will also be lounge chairs by the water feature to diversify the seating options along with a walkable deck. 

Enjoy this wonderous scenery with the various gourmet food options Manifesto provides through their collaboration with both acclaimed fine dining options and delicious local dishes. Manifesto Smichov will be curating a Czech beer culture by combining Pilsner Urquell, a large traditional brewer with local microbrews. Pilsner Urqell will be hosting trainings and DIY experiences on pouring a perfect draught beer with celebrity bartenders joining these special events. The famous Pilsner Urquell beer will be a key feature, with an array of international bar foods on standby to provide the perfect beer tasting experience. But the gastronomical wonders don’t just end there. Manifesto Smichov will be collaborating with experts such as Zatisi Group and Sasazu to astound your taste buds, while also inviting you to enjoy some of the best dining options from Manifesto Florenc that will also be available at Smichov. There will also be a new pop-up kitchen by the pan-Asian restaurant as well as Prague’s hidden gem Nebu. 

However, Manifesto Market is more than just a food bazaar. Much like how Manifesto Na Florenci has organized over 200 free cultural performances and programs, Manifesto Smichov strives to provide the same high quality entertainment. Manifesto Smichov will be collaborating with Red Bull to provide the space with music and culture. There will not only be DJs, live musicians, and free concerts brought to you by the masterminds behind the legendary Rock for People festival, but also free film screenings. 

Manifesto Na Florenci is truly a sight to be beheld and an experience to be had, and Manifesto Smichov will surely not disappoint with their various new features that is unique to the second location. Whether you want to enjoy a quick Michelin quality meal or appreciate the beautified space, Manifesto Smichov is a must-see location for residents and visitors alike. 

Manifesto Smichov 

Namesti 14 Rijna square, Prague 2

Open July 19

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