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Face masks no longer have to be worn in offices (as long as there’s proper distancing)

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The duty to wear face masks will be lifted for risk work in the heat, as defined by law, and in offices with a two-meter distance from the rest of the staff as of Tuesday, Czech Health Minister Adam Vojtech (for ANO) told journalists after a government meeting today.

On its website, the Health Ministry also published a new extraordinary measure about the wearing of face masks, to be effective as of May 25. It was necessary to issue it again after the end of the state of emergency.

The public health law divides the work according to its risks into four groups, naming and explaining various risk factors.

The face masks will not be necessary if there is the risk work of the third and fourth groups of the heat burden.

“We have complied with the trade unions’ demands,” Vojtech said.

Further exceptions will be granted to the children under two, those in kindergartens and schoolchildren, provided they keep the 1.5-metre distance.

Face masks may also not be be used by passengers of cars, public transport drivers and people suffering from autism and mental disorders.

They are not mandatory during film shooting, portrait photographing, for actors at a theatre performance, and for television hosts.

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