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Masks return Thursday, and here’s where they’re required

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The obligation to wear a mask will apply in companies from Thursday. However, masks are not required for employees if they are at least two meters apart. Exceptions are also persons working in significantly hot conditions. Restrictions will also now apply to indoor events, regardless of the number of participants; this had been the case for more than 100 people.

On the other hand, as in the spring, young children, kindergartens, the mentally disabled, people consuming food and drink, and athletes during training and wrestling will be exempt from wearing masks. “It is complicated to play sports with a mask. If a person sweats a lot and the mask is wet, then it probably no longer has the effect we would expect,” said Vojtěch.

Swimming pools will also be an exception. Furthermore, masks will not have to be worn by judges and litigants, moderators, editors, and other radio and television persons or artists when performing. The obligation will not apply to couples and others during wedding ceremonies or drivers of public transport vehicles.

People in educational institutions providing one-year language courses with full-time instruction or patients hospitalized in inpatient healthcare facilities will not have to wear protective equipment if this is necessary for the provision of health services. The exception will also apply in weekly hospitals, homes for the disabled, homes for the elderly, and homes with special needs patients.

From Thursday, it will be mandatory to wear masks indoors inside buildings throughout the Czech Republic. It is currently necessary to protect your mouth and nose when traveling by public transport or to visit offices and medical and social facilities. In Prague, it became required to wear masks in shops and shopping centers and at the post offices.

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