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Million Moments preparing nationwide protests against Babis

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The Million Moments for Democracy civic group has decided to stage another series of protests to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) by the end of the year, its chairman Mikulas Minar told journalists today.

The first rally will be held at the Karlovo namesti square in Prague on December 10, Minar said.

This will be followed by demonstrations on December 16 and 19, to take place in some towns outside Prague.

Previously, on November 18, the NGO called a rally for the Prague-Letna park, attended by roughly 250,000 protesters.

Originally, the activists wanted to announce further protests in January, but the latest developments have made them change their mind.

Earlier this week, an audit report of the European Commission describing Babis’s possible conflict of interest reached Prague.

Today, Supreme State Attorney Pavel Zeman said he had cancelled the decision that halted the prosecution of Babis in the Capi hnizdo case of a suspected EU subsidy fraud.

“At the moment, we have again a criminally prosecuted prime minister,” the organisation said in its press release.

“After the European audit, which has confirmed his tremendous conflict of interest and unrightful reception of money from public budgets, this is the second scandal this week, clearly showing the necessity of Babis’s immediate resignation,” it added.

“Babis’s problems are fundamentally harming the whole country. Hence our decision not to wait with further protests until late January. What is going on is absolutely unacceptable,” the press release said.

Minar said Babis was taking citizens hostage, being unable to directly face the situation and to assume responsibility.

“Babis’s resignation remains one of the main demands of the protests. End the Rule of One Magpie will be one of the slogans of the rallies,” Minar said.

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