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New COVID-19 cases surge by 118 overnight, 2.92% positive

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The Czech Republic registered 118 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, which has been the highest number since April 21, 10,283 cases since the epidemic outbreak, including 7,446 recoveries and 334 deaths, according to the latest data released on the Health Ministry website.

There are 2,503 people with coronavirus now.

In the last several days, the daily numbers of the newly infected were around 50. May 18 has been the last day on which the number has exceeded 100 until now. On April 21, the country had 133 newly confirmed infected people.

On Thursday, Czech laboratories carried out 4,039 coronavirus tests, which is a number similar to the past few days. The share of the positive test results in the number of those tested was 2.92 percent.

Most people with COVID-19 show only mild symptoms of the disease, but the number of those in hospitals has been increasing for more than a week and it was 136 on Thursday, including 11 in a serious health condition.

One person died on June 18. The Czech region with the highest death toll, 99, is the capital city. On the contrary, only three people have died in the Zlin Region.

Epidemiologists say there are only local COVID-19 epicenters in the country, currently in Prague and the Darkov coal mine in Karvina, north Moravia. Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Hlubucek recently got infected, among others. The whole city management, tens of other politicians, clerks, and firefighters whom he recently met are in quarantine. In the Karvina District, the regional public health officials ordered that all employees of the OKD firm which operates the Darkov mine undergo testing. The OKD has some 8,400 employees.

As of July 1, people will not have to wear face masks indoors and public transport means in the country anymore, probably except for the two above virus epicenters.

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