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Nigerian with 900 grams of cocaine in body detained at Florenc bus station

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Customs officers have detained a Nigerian man transporting 900 grams of cocaine in his body at the Prague Florenc bus station, General Customs Authority spokeswoman Martina Kankova told journalists today.

The contraband has a street value of seven million crowns, Kankova said.

The customs officers uncovered the smuggler on February 27 when checking international bus lines within a raid targetting illegal imports of tobacco products, she added.

“In one of the checked buses at Florenc, the customs officers let all passengers get off the bus. A trained dog identified one of the passengers and was giving a very active signal to his handler, mainly warning of the passenger’s face and private parts,” Kankova said.

The pointed-out passenger from Nigeria was very nervous during the check, she added.

The customs officers prepared a saliva swab test that disclosed the presence of illegal drugs in the man’s body.

A subsequent x-ray confirmed that there were tens of capsules in the man’s stomach.

In the subsequent 24 hours, the man excreted 80 capsules, all of them containing high-quality cocaine.

If convicted, the man can be sentenced to one to five years in prison, but if his actions are qualified as a serious breach of the law, he can be sentenced to up to 10 to 18 years in prison and forfeiture of property.

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