Our Favorite Prague Dog-Friendly Parks

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Petřín Hill

Petřín Hill boasts an assortment of entertainment for not only you, but your children and pets as well. There is a miniature Eiffel Tower that presides over the hill, courtesy of the 1891 Prague Exposition, a mirror maze for adults and children alike, and fun pathways that lead to gorgeous gardens.

Petřín, Praha 1

Letna Park

The peaceful park provides an unparalleled view of the city, particularly from the Hanavský Pavilion. Paired with the vast grassy areas, colorful assortment of bushes and plants along the roads, and towering trees, this is a wonderful place to bring your pets and allow them to enjoy the beautiful nature Prague provides.

Letenské Sady, Praha 7

Kampa Island

In central Prague, close to Malá Strana, lies a quiet and peaceful park that is the perfect place to take your furry friend. The island has beautiful gardens and offers an astounding view of the Vltava River, suitable for anytime during the day or night.

Kampa Island, Praha 1

Židovské pece

Located between Jeseniova and Malešická is a large park filled with grassy areas for bigger dogs to run around freely. There are also public grills, a drinking fountain and other facilities for you to enjoy while you watch and play with your dogs. Families with small children, runners, and cyclists all frequent this park.

Jilmová 53 Žižkov

Psí louka Libeň

This park has a large fenced in area that allows your dog to run freely and without worry. Psí louka Libeň in particular, is a popular hunting ground for dog lovers all around Prague as the organization that runs this place organizes events that are just for dogs. There is also a training ground for the more unruly fellows.

U Meteoru 6 Libeň

Stromovka Park

As the largest park in Prague, take your pets to this green oasis away from the bustling city. Visit Oak Hillock, a raised island in the middle that is filled with ancient oak trees, or the several ponds and playgrounds that are scattered throughout. There are different winding paths that are perfect for a relaxing walk with your pets past an array of tree species.

Stromovka, Praha 7

Havlíček Gardens

This garden has a renaissance inspired fountain and water cascade, lakes, pavilions, statues and an artificial cave that is worth checking out. Take your furry friends here for a nice leisurely stroll through one of Prague’s historical landmarks and enjoy the peace and quiet away from the city.

Havlíčkovy sady 1369 Vinohrady


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