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Our Signal Festival 2019 Guide

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From 10–13 October, Prague will become the backdrop of the visually stunning and artistically innovative Signal Festival, now in its seventh year. This year’s theme is revolution, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. Here’s our guide to help you navigate the program’s 18 installations, which feature everything from laser shows to 3D videomapping projections to a fleet of trabants. Items marked with * have paid entry.  Be sure and get the Signal Pass for discounts and access to every aspect of this amazing festival! 

Lesser Town

Intensive reflections on modernity

Kick off the night by witnessing the largest installation in the festival’s history. Czech digital artist   Jakub Pešek will turn the Vltava River into a digital canvas with a dazzling laser show that will bridge the right and left banks. 

Smetanovo nábřeží 



Signal Festival is known for its awe-inspiring 3D videomapping, and this work by SKILZ studio will be no different. Festival organizers chose this creative team from Kiev for their “interesting narrative push,” according to co-founder Martin Posta. Their installation tells the story of humanity’s desire for a better future. 

Tyrs House


Simple Harmonic Motion for Lights*

Artist Memo Akten blends light with music in this exploration of cultural clashes that transports you to the streets of his native Istanbul. Watch as these conflicting forces strive for coexistence through video, light and sound. 

Czech Museum of Music at the National Museum



In early autumn 1989 thousands of East Germans passed through Prague to freedom. Signal Production & Post Bellum commemorated this exodus with a trop of trabant cars parked on Petřín. 




Wander through an experimental playground and sculpture park created by German collective Giegling. Originating from Bauhaus University, these artists pay homage to the creative movement with an installation that celebrates Bauhaus’ interdisciplinary nature. 

Nostitz’s garden



Fans of the works of Giuseppe Arcimboldo won’t want to miss this interactive installation by Andrej Boleslavský. The artist explores the relationship between technology and the biological world by using an algorithm to create new formations from natural objects, just like the works of the Italian mannerist painter. 

Artiséme garden


And what if it was true*

What if a meteorite with mysterious origins crash landed in Prague, and those who witness it must first search their inner conscious? That’s the idea behind this installation by internationally recognized Czech architect Eva Jiřičná, known for her bold designs that blend form and function. 

Vojan gardens


Old Town 

Multiverse .pan*

Have you ever wondered about the possibility of infinite universes? Innovative art studio fuse* illustrate the concept of eternity in an audio-visual installation that begins the Old Town portion of the program.

Mirror Chapel of Klementinum


Signal Soundscape: Inner Land Study I.*

Next stop is u Salvátora Church where four Czech artists will attempt to create a shared spiritual experience. Escape the bustle of the city and immerse yourself in an audio-visual natural landscape. 

U Salvátora Church



Follow up this immersive experience by becoming part of the artwork itself in this installation by  Adam Cigler and Petr Vacek, winners of this year’s Signal Calling open call. Using mirrors, the artists incorporate their audience to reflect on the past. 

Convent of St. Agnus 


The Wall

Self-expression is often sacrificed during times of oppression, which is why pioneering Czech motion design studio Oficina wants to make you part of the resistance. This nine-by-four meter projection allows visitors to revolt creatively by becoming digital sprayers. 

Lannova Park


Ghost in the Machine*

End the Old Town tour by going deep into the bowels of machinery. Czech artist Klára Horáčková uses massive facetted cylinders equipped with reflective surfaces to bring attendees into the gears of a machine in this kinetic installation. 

Ministry of Transport 




Those who enjoyed the Galerie Kooperativa installation last year will be happy to step inside the building with this piece by Russian multimedia studio Dreamlaser. This projection explores the inner journey of revolution through the individual’s eyes. 

Galerie Kooperativa 


Space & Possibilities

Continue on to another highlight of the festival, videomapping on the Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Karlin Square. Travel through space and time in this projection created by Turksih studio Nohlab.

Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius


God’s Mills

Resume your journey of time and space at the next location, where Czech sculptor Pavel Korbička transforms old factory chimneys into a kinetic work of art. 

Karlín Chimneys



Take a tour through the Velvet Revolution and other pivotal moments of Czech history in this videomapping produced by Italian design studio ILLO. 

Lyčkovo Square


Jacob’s Wall

In this new digital age, the keyboard and mouse are now the tools of creatives. American designer and roboticist Parker Heyl looks at the decline of handcrafting as we rely more and more on software in this second to last installation. 

Kaizi Gardens


I’m Leaving the Body

End your night in Karlin by experiencing the archeological site at Invalidovna, where you can survey the activity presented by the Big Light global initiative.


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