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Potential coronavirus vaccine looks promising, would be produced near Prague

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The development of the vaccine against COVID 19 by the American company Novavax looks promising, according to government representative Roman Prymula. Novavax wants to produce the vaccine near Prague and has reportedly expressed its willingness to help the Czech Republic as well.

Representatives of the biotechnology company Novavax, which, like many other companies are in the race to develop a COVID 19 vaccine, met with Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš in recent days.

Novavax recently acquired Czech Republic-based Praha Vaccines for approximately $167m to support the manufacture of its Covid-19 vaccine candidate, NVX‑CoV2373.

The acquisition covers a 150,000ft2 vaccine and biologics manufacturing facility and related assets in Bohumil, Czech Republic, as well as the existing employees along with all associated and necessary infrastructure.

Novavax estimates that the manufacturing facility will enable an annual capacity of more than one billion doses of antigen, from next year, for its Covid-19 vaccine candidate.

“Representatives of Novavax were to visit the Czech government, specifically an official visit with the Prime Minister. At the meeting, they introduced the progress of their vaccine development. Novavax indicated that Phase 1 clinical trials are already underway. Phase 2 should start in mid-July, with the goal being production to start sometime at the turn of the new year provided trials continue successfully, “said Prymula, who also took part in the meeting.

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