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Prague had the coldest July in the past eight years

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This July was the coldest in the last eight years measured in the oldest meteorological measuring station in the Czech Republic, Prague Clementinum, with an average temperature of 21.6 degrees Celsius. Even so, it is among the 15 percent warmest July since 1775, as far back as the Clementine temperature range. The data were published today by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI). The warmest first holiday month in the last 246 years was measured in Clementinum 14 years ago, the average temperature at that time was 25 degrees.

The average monthly temperature in Clementinum in July this year was 0.8 degrees Celsius higher than the normal from 1981 to 2010. The deviation from the average from 1775 to 2014 was even plus 1.8 degrees. “This July has been ranked 28th to 36th out of 246 July since 1775,” said meteorologist Pavel Jůza.

The warmest day of July this year in Clementinum, with an average of 26.8 degrees Celsius, was Tuesday last week. On the contrary, the coldest was on July 8 with an average of 16.5 degrees.

Regular meteorological measurements at the Clementine Observatory began in 1752. However, records of air temperatures and pressures were considerably incomplete until 1774. The year 1775 is therefore considered to be the beginning of the Clementine series. However, the data have been completely without gaps since the beginning of 1784.

The warmest seventh calendar month since 1775 was measured in Clementinum in 2006 with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. In second place is July 1994 with a temperature of 24.3 degrees and the third position is held with an average 0.3 degrees lower than July 1834. The coldest July, when the average monthly temperature was just slightly above 16 degrees Celsius, was recorded in Clementinum in 1844.

The warmest day of the first holiday month since 1775 was July 27, 1782. The average temperature then reached 31.9 degrees Celsius. On the contrary, July 19, 1981 was on average more than 21 degrees colder, which is also a record so far.

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