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Government plans to cover child care allowances amid closure of schools

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The state plans to cover the child care allowances to parents of kids under 13 for the whole period of the closure of schools over the coronavirus if the parents have stayed at home with their offspring, the government decided today.

The relevant bill, drafted by the Labour and Social Ministry, will be passed to the Chamber of Deputies.

The Chamber of Deputies will discuss the bill from 11:00 on Tuesday. Its chairman Radek Vondracek (ANO) has declared the Chamber’s state of legislative emergency that would enable it to pass bills quickly.

Under the current law, parents of children under 10 receive child care allowances for up to nine days and single parents receive them until their child’s age of 16 for and up to 16 days.

The government nodded to the proposal that the state covered the allowances from the tenth, respective 17th day until the end of the school’s closure period.

The additional allowances, which will be paid retroactively, might go to 190,000 people. The state expects to spend 2.7 billion crowns on them.

Only employees are eligible for the allowance.

Parents from among self-employed people also receive state support. The relevant program for them will be prepared by the Industry and Trade Ministry, the cabinet decided.

Industry Minister Karel Havlicek (for ANO) said the self-employed people with children aged 6-13 should receive 424 crowns worth of child care a day, which is almost 14,000 crowns a month, on condition their husband or wife are not employees drawing child care allowances.

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