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Senate approves postponed return of money for cancelled events

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The Czech Senate today passed a bill enabling the organizers of cultural events that have been canceled over the coronavirus to postpone the return of the ticket money to the customers until the autumn of 2021.

Furthermore, the bill makes it possible for the customers to ask the organizer for a voucher for a new event instead of insisting on the money return.

The bill, aimed to soften the epidemic’s impact on culture, will now go to President Milos Zeman for signing.

A protection period until end-October 2021 has been set for the organizers, like in the previous case of travel agencies afflicted by the epidemic.

The bill applies to all scrapped cultural events that were scheduled until the end of October 2020.

People can ask the organizers for a voucher instead of the ticket money by end-March 2021. The voucher’s value will at least correspond to that of the ticket the customer had bought.

During the protection period, the organizers are bound to offer a new or postponed event and inform the customers with old tickets or vouchers about their rights.

The protection period ends for the organizers who fail to hand out a voucher to the customer in one month following the latter’s request or fail to offer a new cultural event to the customer in six months following the issuance of the voucher.

The groups eligible for an immediate return of money are the disabled, the unemployed, pregnant women, parents on parental leave, people over 65, and single parents.

The others, who would not seek a voucher, would see the ticket money returned to them in mid-November 2021 at the latest.

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