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Slovenia removes the Czech Republic, Croatia and France from list of safe travel countries

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Slovenia changed the epidemiological assessment of Croatia, the Czech Republic and France, removing them from the green list of safe countries. For Czechs traveling to Slovenia, this could mean a 14-day quarantine upon arrival unless travelers have Slovenians permanent residency.

Those who want to pass through Slovenia will face a border check, requiring passengers to present documents proving the destination of their trip. They will not be allowed to spend the night in the country and will have a maximum of 12 hours for transit. The measure is due to take effect on Saturday.

Originally, government spokesman Jelko Kacin informed APA agencies that the Czech Republic and other states were only on the yellow list as less safe states.

Kacin explained that the government’s decision is due to an increase in new cases of coronavirus, especially in Croatia. When asked what it means for the Croats, he replied that they could come to Slovenia if they owned property there or booked a tourist stay.

Slovenians who are now in Croatia should be prepared for the fact that at the border they will have to provide documentation indicating where they were along with proof such as a hotel bill, for example.

According to N1 TV, the increase in new infections in Croatia is not the only reason for the new measures in Ljubljana. It turned out that quite a number of Slovenians or people with the right of permanent residence in Slovenia, when returning to Slovenia via Croatia or Hungary, misreported their travels, when they were in fact in Serbia or Bosnia and Herzegovina, ie in countries Slovenian red list of still dangerous states with a high number of infected.

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