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Strands of Evidence: Police catch Prague’s “Haircut Bandit” in the act

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The police have arrested a man, 41, suspected of secretly cutting off the hair of women in Prague trams, who confessed to the act and handed over the hair he has collected, police spokeswoman Hana Krizova said today.

The man did not provide any rationalization for his actions and faces up to two years in prison if convicted for the crime of breaching the peace.

The police arrested the man on a bus on Budejovicka street in Prague 4. They found scissors and strands of hair in his pockets.

The man said he cut the hair of roughly 25 women.

The police are prosecuting him for the crime of disorderly behavior.

“The investigation is carried out while the man is at large and the police will also ask for an expert psychiatric opinion,” Krizova said.

The police published footage of the man last Tuesday and Krizova said that the subsequent reports from citizens who recognized him were helpful to the investigation.

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