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Taking a summer holiday? Expect construction delays, inspections and police checks

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Police officers have planned extensive inspections on Czech roads for the coming weekend. Also, drivers can be expected long roadway delays and closures due to road and highway repairs.

With Summer vacation officially in gear, this year’s holidays will be especially crowded on Czech roads and Minister of Transport Karel Havlíček admitted that he expects problems this weekend. 

“During this year’s holidays, there will be many repairs on the roads, in which we are building new motorways and modernizing the D1. Therefore, I call on all drivers to be careful and considerate on the roads around our country to those who work intensively on construction sites and take care of the technical condition of roads. Workers of construction and maintenance companies are usually near the construction operations, “said Havlíček.

According to the minister, construction companies, and experts, the number of incidents has been rising sharply. Also, the Ministry of Transport expects that this year’s holidays will be specific, as more people will spend their holidays in the Czech Republic.

“Therefore, an above-average concentration of cars, motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians can be expected, even on lower-class roads in tourist-attractive locations,” said Besip head Tomáš Neřold.

The biggest delays are traditionally on the D1 backbone motorway during the summer, and repairs will be carried out at 13 locations on the route between Prague, Brno, and Ostrava. There will also be restrictions on another 11 motorways. However, some repairs will not begin until the end of the summer.

Roadwork will continue during the summer, with the beginning of the summer holidays dedicated to routine maintenance. The restriction will apply on Friday 26 June from 1 pm to 9 pm and also on Saturday 27 June from 8 am to 9 pm. During this time, no work will be performed that requires a reduction in the number of lanes. However, long-term closures will continue unchanged.

Police checks

The holidays de facto start at the end of June, as several schools announced the director’s leave on Mondays and Tuesdays. Police are therefore preparing an extensive security operation on Czech roads this coming weekend. They will check compliance with traffic rules in various places in the Czech Republic, and hundreds of police officers, including the Czech Police Air Service, will take part in the event throughout the country. Jiří Zlý, the head of the traffic police, informed about it at a press conference on Friday.

“This is a total of 23 extra patrols, which will operate today, all Saturday and all Sunday afternoon. They will primarily supervise the flow of traffic, especially on the D1 motorway, where construction activity is active, and various crises may arise, but also, of course, compliance with the rules of road traffic, “said Zlý.

Over the weekend, police helicopters will help patrols with traffic intelligence information about the flow of traffic, but also about emergencies. At the same time, they will also document various offenses, such as incorrect overtaking or violations of the ban on passing trucks or failure to maintain a safe distance between vehicles, Zlý explained.

Last year, according to Police, they registered about 18,000 traffic accidents during the summer holidays, in which 118 people died. 

So far this year, the number of traffic accidents has decreased and during the state of emergency it dropped by a third year-on-year. The number of people killed remains the same, with 222 people dying on the roads from the beginning of the year through yesterday. The increase is among the most vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists.

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