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The Big List of Things to Do: Monday, Feb. 24 – Thursday, Feb. 27

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Monday, February 24

World Bartender Day

The Encyclopedia of Action Movies series at Kino Aero continues with the 1994 smash hit “Speed”, which actually took home two Oscars (both for sound). It’s a stupid premise that shouldn’t work, and yet it does. 150kc. *20.30h. More Info Here.

It’s a concert film, it’s a documentary, it’s a look at the seminal band New Order called “New Order: Decades”. This is a very postmodern look at the group, with time jumps and all sorts of interesting deconstruction techniques. Part of Festival Spectaculare. At Bio Oko. 150kc. *20.30h. More Info Here.

Another chance to see the surprise Oscar-winning Korean film “Parasite” with English subtitles. At Kino Světozor. 115kc. *20.30h. More Info Here.

Documentary Mondays continues at Kino Světozor with last year’s “Set Off”, all about survivors from the city of Kobani, a border city in Syria that finds itself caught between IS, Turkey and the Kurds. In Turkish and Kurdisn with English subtitles. 120kc. *20.45h. More Info Here.

Forman’s February at žižkovšiška concludes with his epic awards-sweeping 1984 masterpiece “Amadeus”. The Communist Party actually allowed him to return to Prague to film, even though he had never technically defected (he just didn’t come back after going to the US for the film “Taking Off”). It’s an astonishing achievement, winning a total of 42 awards including eight Oscars. 50kc donation requested includes popcorn. As always, film starts at *21.00h but you can come as early as 19.30h to speak some Czech with folks. More Info Here.

The Festival of New Theatre, Malá Inventura, is back with 10 days with dozens of shows in several locations. Many are only in Czech but many are also English-friendly. There’s a lot of experimental and boundary-pushing stuff here, including lecture-performances, shows involving the audience wearing headphones and much, much more. Get accredited at Kavárna U Hrdinů in Prague 7, or go for individual tickets. But be warned, a lot of these will sell out, so seriously consider being an early bird on things that really strike your fancy. Prices vary. See a map of all the venues here. Until Feb. 29. *Various times. More Info Here.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show is one serious tribute act. Tonight they play TipSport Arena at 8pm. Their live shows attempt to recreate the look, feel, and sound of Pink Floyd’s later world tours, employing visual aids such as lasers, inflatables and a large display panel similar to Mr Screen. Find tickets here.

Tuesday, February 25

Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day


Bristol based Kosheen, led by Sian Evans, returns to the stage. At end of February next year, they will go on tour during which they will perform live at Prague’s Lucerna Music Bar in a new extended concert line-up that promises a more prominent stage show. Find more info here. 

An unusual pairing at Wine & Spirits Gallery Shopchampagne and ham! We’re not talking a slab of pork here, but serrano ham, parma ham and jamon de bayonne. The delicate, paper-thin-sliced stuff. Three rounds of drink ‘n’ chew. 990kc. *15.00-22.00h. More Info Here.

Žižkovský masopust concludes with a procession that starts at JZP and ends at náměstí Radost in front of the Viktorie Žižkov stadium. *16.00-19.00h. More Info Here.

Another masopust parade, this time in Břevnov. Meet at *15.45h in front of the bakery Moje Kredenc at the corner of Bělohorská and Pod Královkou, then the procession proceeds at *16.00h. down Bělohorská to Břevnov Monastery, where there’s a lot of pork, beer and more. More Info Here.

A panel discussion and debate called “How to Build a Republic”, based on one of Roussau’s last works courtesy of the Polish Institute of Prague. In English with Czech translation available. FREE, no registration. At the Akademické Konferenční Centrum. *17.00-20.00h. More Info Here.

The New Greek Agora (Novořecká agora) is the library at the Institute of Greek and Latin Studies, and it’s right in the center, on Celetná in the same building as the Student Klub. They will be showing the 2017 Greek drama “Polyxeni”, written and directed by Dora Masklavanou. In Greek with English subtitles. Probably FREE. *17.30-19.30h. More Info Here.

Get the jump on Women’s History Month (which is next month) with a D-zóna Social Screenings (which is a provocative film + discussion) of the 1992 film adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s 1928 novel Orlando. At Kampus Hybernska, Budova B: Sál 1B. FREE. *19.00-22.00h. More Info Here.

BEERTIME, over by Anděl, is featuring 12 special beers from 12 small producers to celebrate their third year in business, including Zhůřák, Čestmír, Mayzus Chotoviny, Chroust, Březí koza, Krušnohor, Pivovar Kamenice nad Lipou, Raven and Ládví Cobolis. It’s all you can drink for 400kc (have one of each at that’s less than 34kc per beer). *17.00-23.00h. More Info Here.

Ponrepo is showing Miloš Forman’s second film, the 1965 ensemble comedy “Loves of a Blonde”, another film with mainly an amateur cast, basically based on real life. It was nominated for the Foreign Film Oscar and Golden Globe. With English subtitles. 80kc. *18.00h. More Info Here.

Alifea is having a vertical tasting of Cupano, Rosso Di Montalcino spanning 2005 to 2016 (but no 2006). 11 wines to try in all. 1700kc. *18.00-21.00h. More Info Here.

Clock Brewery has a new barrel-aged beer project using techniques from around Potštejn called Project Fenetra. Jiří Sládek, Clock’s main guy on the project, will guide you through a tasting of seven of their recent efforts. There’s limited space, so a reservation is a really good idea. At Lya Beer Café on Krymská. 600kc. More Info Here.

BAFTA-nominated film director Richard John Seymour’s documentary “Landscape Healing” looks at the largest “rewilding” project ever performed in Norway, in which damaged landscapes are restored to as pristine a condition as possible. After the screening, there’ll be a discussion with architects from Norway’s 3RW arkitekter. At CAMP. English-friendly. FREE but you need to register. *19.00-22.00h. More Info Here.

Malá Inventura Festival of New Theatre continues (see FEB. 24) More Info Here


Wednesday, February 26

Ash Wednesday/Beginning of Lent

Yes, it’s yet another masopost. Are there any pigs left alive in this country? And it’s actually ON Ash Wednesday, which is kinda classic for the atheist Czechs. The good news is it’s at the Anděl pedestrian zone, so it’ll be a pretty darned good one. Expect the usual goodies, masks and stuff like that. FREE entry. *08.00-18.00h. More Info Here.

The EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia are holding a public debate titled “Reviving the EU Enlargement agenda: 2020 as a new opportunity for the Western Balkans”, which, obviously, is looking at the viability of admitting former Yugoslav countries besides Croatia in to the EU. At the Prague Creative Center on Old Town Square. It looks like it’ll all be in English. FREE but you must register. *17.30-19.00h. More Info Here.

A seven-course menu of cold dishes with gourmet beer pairings at Pivní Mozaika in Karlín, and some pretty unusual tipples (like barley wine). 799kc. *18.00-20.00h. More Info Here.

The Istituto Italiano di Cultura Praga will screen the 2017 award-winning drama “Il padre d’Italia” (translated as “There Is a Light” in English, but really should have been something like “the father of Italy”). In Italian with English subtitles. FREE. *18.00h. More Info Here.

Rudohor Brewery, which is in Dolní Žďár, which is just outside Ostrov, which is just a bit NE of Karlovy Vary, comes to Sběrné suroviny in Vršovice for an evening of beer tasting. Ten beers, ranging from 10° lager up to a 15° IPA. *18.00-23.30h. More Info Here.

This is certainly the winter Prague discovered the film-screening and discussion/debate formula, and Edison Filmhub is also getting some of that action. It’s a screening of the 2019 version of “Little Women” followed by a debate with Šárka Gmiterková. Whoever that is. 150kc. *18.30-21.30h. More Info Here.

It’s Ayyám-i-Há, the annual Bahá’í Days of Generosity celebration (which runs Feb. 25-29 this year). What is it? Well, you could Google it, or you could pop by the Bahá’í Centre in Prague 3 and find out first hand. *18.30-21.30h. More Info Here.

More booze in Karlín, but this time it’s wine at Cellarius. Eight wines from the Tanzberg Winery in Southern Moravia down near Mikulov. 350kc. *19.00-21.00h. More Info Here.

The Main Library will have a film screening followed by a spirited discussion. The movie is Oliver Stone’s “Snowden” and the conversation is about the ethics of whistleblowing. Film is in English with Czech subtitles, discussion will probably be mainly Czech but who knows? 90kc. *19.00-22.00h. More Info Here.

The Moravská banka vín in Prague 7’s Prague Market is hosting a tasting of Bulgarian wines, along with some exposition and some nibbles. Reservations are a good idea, as it’s not that big a space. 300kc. *19.00-22.00h. More Info Here.

Malá Inventura Festival of New Theatre continues (see FEB. 24) More Info Here


Thursday, February 27

Polar Bear Day

The Sociological Institute in the Academy of Sciences presents a seminar in English with Dr. Lenka Buštíková titled “Extreme Reactions. Radical Right Mobilization in Eastern Europe“, based on her book of the same title, which looks at the mechanism by which minority groups get gains in power and prestige, which then creates a backlash and mobilization of the far right to counteract this. An examination of how fringe right-wing parties suddenly rise to prominence. At  the Akademické Konferenční Centrum. FREE, no registration needed – just show up. *16.00-18.00h. More Info Here.

Cinergy returns for another year of movie masterclasses. First up is American independent filmmaker Tim Sutton, who’s in Europe to unveil his newest film, “Funny Face” at the Berlin Film Festival. He’ll talk about his films, his style and the indie film business. Space is limited and tickets are going fast. At Kino Světozor. 120kc. *18.15-20.15h. More Info Here. Tickets Here.

Once a month you can pop over to Café des Taxis at the Anglo-American University for Professors in the Pub, a spirited discussion and drinking session on some vital topic of our times. This one is on The Politics of Climate Change with George Hays II, Chair of International Relations at AAU, which looks at why it might be politically expedient for some to deny climate change, even though they know damned well it’s a real thing. This event is in English, is open to the public and is FREE. *18.30-20.00h. More Info Here.

Ateliér LAVINO is showcasing Italian wines at this tasting evening. 10 wines from all over the country, starting with Prosecco and ending with Primitivo. 350kc. Reservations are a good idea. *18.30-21.30h. More Info here

The Nightmare Prague Horror Bar on Újezd is having their first Horror Film Trivia Night of the year. Hosted by Melancholia Blackbile (who will be dressed as Magenta from RHPS), the deal is teams of four (but if you have more people, they’ll just split into small teams but you can still all sit together at the same table) and you MUST make a reservation in advance. Feel free to dress up yourself. Special drinks. Prizes. Scary fun. FREE admission. *20.00-23.00h. More Info Here.

The last of the Wim Wenders retrospective at Ponrepo is his 2016 drama “The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez” with a pretty minimal cast – Reda Kateb and Sophie Semen play the main characters, who are sitting in a garden talking, and then there’s Nick Cave (playing Nick Cave), Peter Handke (Nobel-winner and co-writer with Wenders, and who wrote the novel the film is based on) as a gardener, and German actor Jens Harzer as a writer. Wenders’s work is often difficult, and apparently this one is no different, earning a shocking 30% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s another of his experiments with 3D Kodachrome, though this screening is probably just 2D. In French with Czech titles. 80kc. *20.30h. More Info Here.

Malá Inventura Festival of New Theatre continues (see FEB. 24) More Info Here

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