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The Big List of Things to Do: Monday, Jan. 27 – Thursday, Jan. 30

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Monday, January 27

Come to the Malach Center for Visual History at Charles University for the Prague Visual History and Digital Humanities Conference. Lots of disciplines are represented here, so there might be something of interest to you – applied linguistics, genocide testimony as a teaching tool, ethics consideration of the digital humanities, a lot of stuff about the Holocaust, and much more. It’s also the Malach Center’s 10th anniversary. FREE entry but you have to register in advance. Also tomorrow. *09.00-16.00h. More Info Here.

Movie Barf Mondays continues at Edison Filmhub, this week with the Nordic documentary “Fat Front”, a movie that is at the forefront of a new Scandanavian movement of fat-activism and body positivity. It looks at four women, all of whom are, well, fat. In Danish, Swedish & Norwegian. Subtitles in Czech and English. 150kc. *19.45h. More Info Here.

Kino Aero continues their Film Legends series with the 1993 Oscar-winning Holocaust drama “Schindler’s List”, Steven Spielberg’s please-take-me-seriously film that starts off as virtuoso filmmaking and ends in a big pile of schmaltz. 150kc. *20.00. More Info Here.

The Aral Sea is pretty much gone now, and the documentary film “The Sea Tomorrow” looks at the impact of that through four stories of people who live along what used to be its shore. In Russian and Kazakh with English subtitles. At Ponrepo. 80kc. *20.30h. More Info Here.

Kino Světozor’s Documentary Mondays series continues with the Latvian film “Spoon”. The star is a cheap, plastic disposable spoon. Where does it come from? Go to Norway, China and other places to find out. It turns out that a lot of energy and work goes into making this seemingly insignificant item. It’s an odd and beautiful film, shot entirely without dialogue, so all-language-friendly. 120kc. *20.45h. More Info Here.

Another KinoKlub from žižkovšiška, this time the 1984 adaptation of some of Hrbal’s comedic stories “The Snowdrop Festival”, adapted and directed by Jirí Menzel. Hrabal himself appears in the film in a tiny uncredited cameo.  In Czech with English subs. 50kc donation includes free popcorn. The film starts at *21.00h, but come as early as 18.30h for some free Czech conversation. More Info Here.

Tuesday, January 28

Got a free afternoon? Why not spend it drinking champagne and some burgundy wines at Kaiserštejnský Palác at a massive tasting courtesy of Premier Wines & Spirits? Over 50 different varieties to try plus masterclasses aplenty. Also tomorrow. Entry is 1990kc. *14.00-19.00h. More Info Here.

A debate on a possible Southern Gas Corridor to bypass the Russian stranglehold on European energy supplies (since they seem to like turning off the pumps from time to time as a reminder as to who holds the reins). We’re talking gas from Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, mainly. Debate is in English and is FREE but you must register. At the European House. *14.30-16.45h. More Info Here

The Goethe-Institut Prag hosts another round of Shared Cities Ideas Yard, with a discussion of how “cultural” projects improve things in a modern city. The conversation, which you are invited to take part in, is in English. FREE entry. *16.00-19.00h. More Info Here.

Prague Wine Week runs Jan. 27 until Feb. 2, but tonight is the big, BIG tasting evening at Hotel Jalta on Václavák. Pretty much anyone who’s anyone is the Prague wine scene will be there. Literally hundreds of wines on hand, with blind tastings and so very much more. 1000kc gets you in. *16.00-20.00h. More Info Here.

Vyšehrad is getting a serious facelift, target completion in 2025, and you can see a presentation of the plans at CAMP. FREE. *19.00-21.00h. More Info Here.

The Russians sure seem to have something to prove, and one of their latest efforts is what is being billed as “the biggest Swan Lake in the world”. Because bigger is always better, right? Normally there are between 18 and 24 white swans in a production, but this one, THIS ONE, will have 48 white swans. Take that, previous productions! That’s a record, mofo! So many swans!! At the Congress Center. Tickets are 690-1090kc. *19.00-21.30h. More Info Here.

The Globe is having another themed quiz night, and this time it’s Disney trivia. 50kc entry fee. Reservation needed. *19.30-22.30h. More Info Here.   

The Prague Visual History and Digital Humanities Conference concludes (see JAN. 27) More Info Here.


Wednesday, January 29

Gule Food Truck returns to Dva kohouti for two days of tiny cheesecakes and gourmet coffee, as well as their newest creation – šodó balls (which will trigger childhood memories for Czechs). Also tomorrow. *07.30-15.30h. More Info Here.

The Future Gate Festival returns for five days of science fiction films from all over time and space. Among the new films being screened we have “Little Joe” starring Emily Beecham and Ben Whishaw, a film version of HP Lovecraft’s “The Color Out of Space” with Nicholas Cage, a film about a futuristic drug called “Synchronic” with Jamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie, Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg is a fertility comedy/nightmare called “Vivarium”, a Kazakh post-apocalypse thriller with Danny Trejo, plus a few classics, some documentaries, short films, a Shaun the Sheep film and much more. Everything is English-friendly. It’s all at Kino Lucerna. Films are generally 120kc each, though a couple are cheaper. Goes until Feb. 2. *Various times. More Info Here.

Rum enthusiast and blogger Pavel Ungr will be at Magnolie Bar Café in Prague 7 to guide you through a tasting of some very special rums – 7-year-old Dillon XO from Martinique, Santa Teresa 1796 from Venezuela, Dictador Cafe 100-Month from Colombia, Pacto Navio from Cuba and Abuelo XV Oloroso Cask Finish from Panama. And maybe a surprise of two. It’s 499kc, and they want you to pay in advance (direct deposit or in person) by the 27th. Which seems a bit cheeky. *19.00-21.00h. More Info Here.

Aubergine Persian Restaurant hosts a talk with food called Iran is Not an Arab Country, which is a great title because it’s not (different language, different genetics, different history). Learn some of what is and is not Iran (and how they are not Arabs). Probably in Czech. 300kc, includes food but not drinks. *19.30-21.30h. More Info Here

Ponrepo will show the fantastic 1984 Palme d’Or-winning Wim Wenders film “Paris, Texas”, with Harry Dean Stanton, Nastassja Kinski and Dean Stockwell with a script written by L. M. Kit Carson and Sam Shepard, and music by Ry Cooder. Just a treat. Part of a series of English-friendly Wim Wenders films, shown in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Prag. In English with Czech subs. 80kc. *20.30h. More Info Here.

The Premier Wines & Spirits Galadegustation concludes (see JAN. 28) More Info Here.


Thursday, January 30

Queens Kitchen visit Tonkin Kafé again for a pop up with Korean Tacos, Brazilian Fried Chicken & various baos. Plus Matuška beers, apple cider, wines, spritz and more. A different menu from the pop up that was on the 23rd. *11.00-21.00h. More Info Here

Night of Ideas is a bunch of debates, mainly in Czech and French (though there’s one in English at 15.00h) on topics related to modern cities. discrimination, the Green New Deal and other issues germane to our times. FREE entry. At the Institut français de Prague. *15.00-01.00h. More Info Here

A debate titled Turkey-EU Relations: Never Ending Story?, about the up and then down and then up again relations between Turkey and the EU. Is Turkey part of Europe or not? What are some recent developments? How has Turkish foriegn policy shifted recently? This event takes place entirely in English with no translation. It’s FREE but you must register no later than the 29th. At the CEVRO Institute. *17.00-18.30h. More Info Here.

The Night of the Houses is a series of overnight activities in three locations – Prosek, Černý Most and Čakovice. Dance, paper art, the Yeti, outdoor games and much more. FREE? *17.00-17.00h the next day. More Info Here.

The French entry for Foreign Language Film at the Oscars is not another adaptation of Les Misérables, though it has that title. It’s a modern story set in the same ‘hood as Hugo’s work, following a cop, corrupt colleagues, a missing baby lion, gang clashes and more. It’s a clever re-examination of Hugo’s novel in a contemporary setting. In French with Czech and English subtitles. At Edison Filmhub. 150kc. 19.30h. More Info Here.

It should come as no surprise that Czechs have written music for beer. Composer/conductor Jan Kučera has written the Beer Oratorium, which tells the story of beer using texts by Jan Hus and Bohumil Hrabal set to music and choir. To whet your thirst, there are two pieces performed before the main event – the Overture to Otmar Mácha’s symphony Gambinus and Albert Roussel’s Bacchus and Ariadne, Ballet Suite No. 2 Op. 43. Also, everyone who buys a ticket gets a voucher for a free malé pivo at the Pilsen Restaurant at Obecní dům before the concert (17-19h). Tickets are 400-800kc. At Obecní dům. *19.30-21.15h. More Info Here

Gule Food Truck is at Dva kohouti again (see JAN. 29) More Info Here.

The Future Gate Festival continues (see JAN. 29) More Info Here.


The Big List is put together in conjunction with our friends from The Prague Haps… give their Facebook page a like for events like this and more!

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