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The Big List of Things to Do This Weekend: Friday, March 6 – Sunday, March 8

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Friday, March 6

The venerable Geshe Tenzin Losel (née Graham Woodhouse), a fully ordained Buddhist monk who studied with the Dalai Lama, will be at Lotus Centrum Praha for three days talking about the Four Seals of Buddhist philosophy and his translation of Lamp Illuminating the Essentials of the Four Seals by Gen Lamrimpa Ngawang Puntsok, which can be applied to the practice of meditating on impermanence. Talks will be in English, translated into Czech by the venerable Tenzin Palmo. Meditations, of course, are universal. FREE? Register, please and specify which day you are interested in. Until Mar. 8. *09.30-17.30h. More Info Here.

Indians in Prague and like-minded folks will gather at the Jan Hus Memorial on Old Town Square for a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act that was recently passed in India. In short, it grants citizenship to any person from Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan currently residing in India UNLESS THEY ARE MUSLIM. So, you know, crap. There will actually be two protests today, one *10.00-12.00h and another later *17.00-19.00h. More Info Here.

The Best of Czech Grand Design exhibit opens today and runs until April 26. The awards will be handed out on March 24 live on Czech Television. Exhibits are in the Galerie České spořitelny, which is open daily. *10.00-18.00h, with a break 13.30-14.00h. More Info Here.

The One World Documentary Film Festival continues with over 100 films, debates, exhibits, talks, parties, industry pros and more at 10 locations around town for 10 days. Events seem to range from 90-110kc each. Until March 14. *Various times. More Info Here.

The Shockproof Film Festival continues, featuring a total of 16 shocking and/or low budget masterpieces for the less-than-discerning audience. It’s a festival celebrating the highs of the low-brow, running until March 8. Many films are English-friendly, though a few are not. Films are 150kc each. At Kino Aero. More Info Here. Tickets Here.

CAMP will show the film “Miracle on 42nd Street”, which is a documentary about the Manhattan Plaza project. FREE but you gotta register. *19.00-21.00h. More Info Here.

Taberna wine shop hosts a wine tasting for International Women’s Day (which is Sunday). There’s a wide variety of tipples to try. 300kc per person. *19.00-22.00h. More Info Here

John Cranko’s ballet based on Alexander Pushkin’s novel Onegin is at The National Theatre. We feature the revived ballet in this month’s issue of Prague Visitor and Prague Resident Magazines.  More Info Here. 

Saturday, March 7

Farmers Market at Naplavka atmosphere and the calmly flowing Vltava River make this riverfront market a popular destination for both Prague residents as well as tourists. Every Saturday visitors can purchase goodies made from high-quality ingredients – seasonal fruits and vegetables, bread, mushrooms, goat, cow and sheep cheeses, in addition to eggs from home-raised hens. More Info Here. 

Farmers Market at Hermanek is a farmers market without all of the trash. Visitors can look forward to Czech farmers’ products and they are encouraged to bring their own reusable bags, baskets, boxes to carry what their goods. If you forget to bring it, farmers will offer paper ones. More Info Here. 

The Fencing Exchange, or Šermířská burza, is a marketplace and flea market where you can find weapons, armor, costumes, shields, jewelry, shoes, fabrics, furs, leather, quilts, ceramics, glass, pewter dishes, forged and leather accessories, tents, bows, crossbows, arrows, books, mead and more. If you’re into historical reenactment stuff or LARPing or just really like medieval weaponry, then this is like Christmas in March for you. 50kc entry. At Kulturní dům Barikádníků in Prague 10. *08.00-13.30 (or maybe 15.00h – there are two times listed in two different places). More Info Here.

The 11th season of the farmer’s market at the Kulaťák in Prague 6 begins, with fresh goodies to try and buy. Expect some new vendors and other surprises. *08.00-14.00h. More Info Here.

Learn how to use the digital audio workstation software in Ableton Live in a workshop with musician Ursula Sereghy. If you don’t already have it, download a trial version to your laptop here and then bring that to this workshop. This is the first of a three-workshop day today. It’s 250kc for just this one, or 600kc for all three. At the Synth Library. *10.00-13.00h. More Info Here.

It’s soup time at Smíchovská Náplavka with Polívkování, where dozens of different types of soup and stew compete for your attention. You got your kulajda, your lentil, your pumpkin, cabbage, pork, ramen, borscht, chipotle, lska, pho, bouillabaisse, harira, vegetable cream and many, many more. 50kc entry, includes a small gift. *10.00-18.00h. More Info Here.

Democrats Abroad is helping Americans vote in their primaries with Global Presidential Primary Voting day. You can even register right there. At The Globe. *11.00-20.00h. More Info Here.

Prague Burlesque Festival

The 4th Annual International Prague Burlesque Festival“, held March 6th and 7th 2020 at The Royal Theatre, will be a contribution to variety, circus and burlesque. Prague inviting the “crème de la crème” of entertainment arts and creating a space of free speech, sexual liberation and respect to gender equality.

Mary C leads a workshop in the basics of sound synthesis at the Synth Library. This is the second of a three-workshop day. 200kc for just this one or 600kc for all three. In English. *14.00-16.30h. More Info Here.

Vinný sklep Újezd 19 (guess where it is) is celebrating 15 years with a special day filled with wine and food. Over 150 wines will be opened to try, plus some serious snacks and soakage. You can buy little tickets called víněnky for 25kc each, and then food and wine tasting are 1-4 víněnky. Or you can pay 100kc and have unlimited access to most of the stuff, or pay 2000kc for the VIP access and get unlimited whatever you want, including some special things not available to the rabble. *15.00-23.00h. More Info Here.

Edison Filmhub finishes their series of English-friendly versions of Czech Lion nominated films with an English-friendly version of the film that will probably take all the top awards, “The Painted Bird”. That runs from *16.30-19.00h, then in Edison Cafe they’ll show the broadcast of the Czech Lion Awards, live from the Rudolfinum (see below), and then at *21.30h a premiere screening of a documentary about the making of “The Painted Bird” called “11 Colors of the Bird” in Czech, no subtitles. More Info Here.

Holly McGowan (aka Evil Medvěd) leads the last of the three Trigger Sessions workshops at the Synth Library. This one is called Sensor, signal & sculpture, and looks at some basics of modular synthesis, plus “using the Synth Library’s Koma field kit to collectively compose some music using light and heat sensors and contact mics. In the end, we will explore how the audio we have made can affect objects in 3D space and create a ‘music visualization’.” McGowan is a non-cis person, so don’t come if that bugs you. In English. 250kc for just this or 600kc for all three workshops. *17.00-20.00h. More Info Here.

Conscious Cinema presents Christopher Nolan’s groundbreaking 2010 thriller “Inception”, followed by a discussion of the ideas and themes in the movie. Instead of things like giant Cokes and bags of popcorn, they will have a selection of healthy snacks. 150kc. Small space and only a few spaces left, so get on it. *18.00-22.00h. More Info Here.

The Czech Lion Awards ceremony is tonight at the Rudolfinum. It’s a star-studded evening of kudos and glamour. No idea if it’s possible to get inside as a member of the general public, but you can certainly stalk your favorite celebs outside. It will also be broadcast on ČT1. *20.00-22.00h. Nominees Here. More Info Here.

While the Czech Lions are happening, you could embrace irony fully and go see a screening of a film that’s so bad, it actually might be genius. That’s Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 “The Room”. This screening will have audience participation moments throughout, so come on down, have many drinks and stare slack-jawed at the fact that this movie even exists. FREE entry. At the R3 Bar in Žižkov. *21.00h. More Info Here.

Richard Dormeister, one half of the infamous DJ duo Kruder & Dorfmeister (as well as part of Tosca with Rupert Huber) returns to Prague for what he promises to be a very special night. Space is super limited – there’s only capacity for 300 people and that’s it.  At Klubovna 2.patro. 490kc. More Info Here.

James Blunt is at  Tipsport Arena: Of course, he’s mostly known for his stalkerish ballad “You’re Beautiful”, but British singer James Blunt’s follow up albums have been great as well. He’s currently touring on his latest album “Once Upon A Mind”.  More Info Here. 

Geshe Tenzin Losel talks again about the Four Seals of Buddhist philosophy (see MAR. 6) More Info Here.

The One World Documentary Film Festival continues (see MAR. 6) More Info Here.

The Shockproof Film Festival continues (see MAR. 6) More Info Here. Tickets Here


Sunday,March 8

International Women’s Day

An all-day workshop on how to break into the voiceover business here in Prague, ending with the recording of a demo-reel. At Jazyková Škola LEXIS in Prague 3. 1750kc. *10.00-17.00h. More Info Here.

The Cervantes Institute will host this year’s East Doc Platform, a massive week-long series of talks, presentations, pitching opportunities and more for documentary filmmakers in Central and Eastern Europe. Over 100 key industry people will be on hand to advise, listen and maybe even help move a project forward. Talks on things like how to pitch, how to start a film, European co-productions and producing art documentaries are just some of the things going on. Masterclasses from Nanfu Wang and Fredrik Gertten are also on the schedule. It’s pretty much all in English and all FREE. Until March 13. *Various times. More Info Here.


With Manifesto closed for another week and the lack of outdoor food fests, have you been missing Fæncy Fries? Well, good news, then, because they are having a pop-up at Laboratorio, a cooking school not far from the National Theatre. *10.30-15.00h. More Info Here.

The International Wom*n’s Day March this year focuses on women’s struggles in a Czech context, and also, apparently, asterisks. Starts at Palackého náměstí, goes along the river past the Rudolfinum, and finishes at Klárov (by the Malostranská metro station). After the march, there will be a flash mob titled “A Rapist in Your Path” — these folks sure know how to have a good time! Use your imagination as to what exactly that entails. Participants are asked to bring things that make noise (drums, horns, whistles, etc.). *14.00-18.00h. More Info Here.

Veteran DJ Paul Oakenfold performs at Duplex in their rooftop venue. He was voted the No. 1 DJ in the World twice in 1998 and 1999 by DJ Magazine. Oakenfold has provided over 100 remixes for over 100 artists including U2, Moby, Madonna, Britney Spears, Massive Attack, The Cure, New Order, The Rolling Stones, The Stone Roses and more. It should be an intimate show and if the weather holds out, a great night. Still some tickets left. More Info Here. 

Every once in a while, Kino Aero and Bio Oko have a “blind date” night, where you show up not knowing what film they will show, watch it, and then pay what you thought it was worth. Tonight it’s Kino Aero’s turn, but they’re having a special edition as part of the ongoing Shockproof Film Festival. What weird piece of cinema trash will they have dug up? Come and find out. *16.00h. More Info Here.

Want to join up with the Extinction Rebellion folks? Then come to this workshop for new volunteers at Kavárna Liberál in Prague 7. In English. Confirm you are coming by contacting them via the Facebook event. *16.00-18.00h. More Info Here.

“Wings for Coldplay” is a new Czech documentary about the long collaboration between the band Coldplay and UK-based Czech artist Míla Fürstová on the 2014 album Ghost Stories (they did the music, she did the packaging artwork). This screening at Edison Filmhub is English-friendly, and after the movie there will be a Skype discussion with Míla Fürstová herself. 150kc. *19.00h. More Info Here.

Local musical legend Juwana Jenkins is back on stage, this time at Jazz Dock, singing and swaying and generally having a great time. Charlie Slavík joins her and her All-Star Mojo Band for a truly fun evening. 400kc for a seat, 250kc to stand. *21.00h. More Info Here.

Geshe Tenzin Losel talks again about the Four Seals of Buddhist philosophy (see MAR. 6) More Info Here.

The One World Documentary Film Festival continues (see MAR. 6) More Info Here.

The Shockproof Film Festival concludes (see MAR. 6) More Info Here. Tickets Here


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