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The Big Valentine’s Day Weekend List of Things to Do: Friday, Feb. 14 – Sunday, Feb. 16

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Friday, February 14

Valentine’s Day

Now here’s something you don’t see every day – a five-day festival all about sport glasses. That’s some pretty targeted stuff. We’re talking about glasses with curved lenses, with replaceable lenses, ones for urban sports, ski goggles that fit over eyeglasses, glasses with front magnets, glasses for kids and oh, so much more. Clear, tinted, mirrored, polycarbonate – the variety is breathtaking. Frankly, this sounds more like a sales event than a “festival” but if this is something you’re into, then it should be pretty comprehensive. At the Horus Optik shop in Prague 7 at Komunardů 10, right by Vnitroblok. FREE entry. LAST DAY. *09.00-18.00h each day. More Info Here.

Edison Filmhub celebrates love today, a love of movies, that is, with a triple feature they’re calling Valentine Without Kitsch. It all kicks off at *16.00h with the brand-spanking new Harley Quinn film “Birds of Prey”, followed by the offbeat sci-fi-horror hybrid “Little Joe” which stars Emily Beecham (who took Best Actress at Cannes for this role) and the always fantastic Ben Whishaw at *18.30h; and then it all wraps up at *20.30h with the Judy Garland biopic “Judy”, starring Renée Zellweger in a performance that took just about every major acting award possible. All films are in English with Czech subtitles, and are 150kc each. More Info Here.

The folks at Porke are having their own Anti-Valentine’s menu, featuring all sorts of things you wouldn’t want to eat on a date (like garlic). Fresh modern Czech food, tapas style. Booking a table is a very good idea. *16.00-22.00h. More Info Here.

Kino Aero is showing a Valentine’s Day double bill – “Dirty Dancing” and “The Bodyguard”. 150kc each. “Dirty Dancing” has already sold out, so they’ve added another screening at *17.00. “Bodyguard” is at *21.00h. More Info Here.

The gang at U Kurelů are featuring a “That’s Amore” menu for Valentine’s Day that includes things like the Italian Stallion Burger, “On the Wings of Love” Garlic-Parm Buffalo Wings, Mamma Lori’s Famous Lasagna, Papa Dino’s Spaghetti & Smoked Meatballs, Capocuoco Valerio’s Chicken Parmigiana, Pasta Al Salmone, Cheesiest Macaroni & Cheese and, for dessert, Red Velvet Chocolate Cake and Key Lime Margarita Pie. There will be some veggie and vegan variations available as well. Reservations essential (tell them “early” or “late”). *18.00-22.00h. More Info Here.

Studio ALTA presents performance works from their current batch of artists in residence: How Things Go by Felix Baumann & Sean Henderson – a movement-based work about objects and how they relate, Anti.LOVE by Jitka Čechová – a dance piece inspired by an article about the differences between romantic and analytical love, and It’s warm in the corner by Krystyna Slobodianiuk – a one-actor piece with Ira Tytarenko, the theme of which is super vague but might have something to do with being tired and trying to organize one’s life. FREE entry. *18.00-22.00h. More Info Here.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – French is the “language of love”, but you what’s another pretty darned romantic tongue? Spanish! So why not celebrate Valentine’s with Tertulias en Praga II – an evening of Spanish-languge poetry with live music accompaniment? There’s an open mic before the big guns come out. At Coffice Prague coworking space. *18.00-22.00h. More Info Here.

The Prohibition Bar Prague has a different take on Valentine’s with a 1920s-themed party commemorating the Valentine’s Day Massacre between the Moreno and Capone gangs in Chicago in 1929. There’ll be drink specials, food, music, a fire show and more. Period clothing is mandatory. *18.00-02.00h. More Info Here.

Screenshot has partnered with Artcam Films to bring the first ever Guatemalan films to Czech cinemas. Two, in fact, both by Jayro Bustamante. First is his film film, “Ixcanul” (which is a Kaqchikel word for “volcano”), which examines corrosive racism and misogyny (it’s also the first film ever in the Kaqchikel language and won the Jury Prize for Best First Feature at the Berlin International Film Festival) at *18.30h. Then there’s the 2019 drama “Tremors” about the father of a hardcore evangelical who wants to come out as gay at *21.00h. Both films are English- and Czech -friendly, and are 130kc each. After the screenings, electronic music artist Oozlum will perform. More Info Here.

Get handsy for Valentine’s – make masks together, which are then your ticket to a Valentine’s masquerade party. 200kc. From the folks at Art Together. *19.00-24.00h. More Info Here.

D’prompt Theatre presents a production of a stage adaptation of the 1973 samizdat pseudo-autobiographical postmodernist prose poem Moscow-Petushki (Moscow Circles) by Venedikt Yerofeyev. The show is called Inevitably I drink, and is an English-language translation/adaptation with Czech surtitles. At Divadlo D21. Also tomorrow. 350kc. *19.30h. More Info Here.

Romantic musical themes from the movies at the Rudolfinum, courtesy of the Film Philharmonic, including tunes from Robin Hood, Casablanca, Superman, Pretty Woman, Troy, Star Wars, Titanic, La La Land, Edward Scissorhands and more. 500-1500kc. *19.30-22.00h. More Info Here

How about some anti-Valentine’s film fun? Tiny Kino MAT is showing Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece “Psycho”, twice. The first one is at *20.30h for 149kc, and then there’s another at *22.30h for 135kc. More Info Here.

The semi-private club žižkovšiška features an evening of Rocky Horror. First, a cover band plays all the songs as a cabaret, and then they show the actual movie. 300kc. *20.30h-23.30h. More Info Here.

FebDok is a month-long festival of documentary films from all over Europe, running the 2nd through the 27th at Screenshot. Many are English-friendly. Most are 120k. *Various times. More Info Here.

Kino Lucerna hosts the Northern Film Winter, or Nordic Film Festival, a festival of films from our neighbours up north. 18 screenings over six days, each one with both Czech and English subtitles. 135kc per film. Until the 18th. *Various times. More Info Here.

Last two days for Cirkopolis – Festival of New Circus –f incredible new circus acts from all over. At Palác Akropolis, Ponec, Kasárna Karlín and a private flat in Prague 2. Shows are 350kc a pop. Until the 15th. *18.00h and *20.00h each day. More Info Here.

Balkan Fiesta is a late night of music from the Balkans, with four groups and three DJs bringing the sounds and sensibilities of the south (in Europe) plus Balkan treats like slivovice. Goes from *22h until 4 in the morning. In Cafe NONA, which is that crazy high-Communist-style cafe at the Nová Scéna of the National Theatre. 160kc. More Info Here.

Saturday, February 15


Pragovka hosts a weekend-long competition of the best of the baristas – Barista of the Year 2020 as well as the 2020 Brewer’s Cup; a caffeine-fueled celebration of the noble bean. A lot of stuff going on, including a Barista Junior competition (and who doesn’t love watching young people make coffee?). Tickets are 300kc per day, or 500kc for both days, and include unlimited coffee. *08.30-18.00h. Also tomorrow. More Info Here.

Get your Mardis Gras vibe on. Hot8Brass Band is playing at MeetFactory. The New Orleans band belts out some great covers plus some nice originals too. More Info Here. 

The last of the four Saturday Masopust celebrations at Pražská tržnice in Prague 7 is today. Tons of fun and stuff to eat and drink. This Saturday there’s pork from Eko Farma Rybnik, Belgian fries from Big Fries, cheese and mead from Dobré Zrno (as well as bio produce), beer from Pivovar Ládví Cobolis, wines both hot (mulled) and cold from the Palava from Frank Kraus, hot chocolate and chocolate cakes from Od Bobu, more pork, koláče and so on. Live music from FSKC Drancy. Traditional mask making and other fun as well. *10.00-18.00h. More Info Here

Czech Cabaret Show is features stunning acts, amazing costumes, and great dance numbers. And it’s set in the beautiful Royal Theatre Prague. More Info Here. 

This new variety show features

stunning acts, amazing costumes 

and great dance numbers

A whole day dedicated to how awesome New Zealand is, called Experience New Zealand. Panel discussions, presentations, pictures, Maori dance lessons, films and more. 400kc at the door. At Dlabačov. *10.00-22.00h. More Info Here.

St. Martin Restaurant in Malá Strana continues the masopust and zabijačka fun as part of what’s turning out to be a pretty pork-heavy weekend. *11.00-18.00h. More Info Here.

The great Krystal Bistro is doing their version of a zabijačka with darned fine pork products. Today only. *12.00-20.00h. More Info Here.

Karlín gets their own carnival on with Karlínský masopust, featuring live music, food, drinks, costumes and more. FREE entry. Procession starts at 13h at Kaizlovy sady and ends at the main event area – Karlínské Náměstí. *13.00-19.00h. More Info Here.

It’s not all pork this weekend – Prague 7’s Dim Sum Spot is hosting another Vegan Weekend, with 10 kinds of vegan dumplings, vegan curry and vegan Nepalese potato salad. *13.00-22.00h. Also tomorrow. More Info Here.

The classic British sci-fi comedy series Red Dwarf celebrates its 100,000th birthday (ha ha) with a celebration at Hotel Ilf known as Gazpacho Day out by the Budějovická metro in Prague 4. RD quizzes and games and costumes and some serious geocaching as well. Entry is a trifling 30kc. *17.00-20.00h. More Info Here.

Butcher Tomáš Mareš does a two-day zabijačka at Vozovna Stromovka, with some of the freshest piggie goodies you can imagine. Also tomorrow. *10.00-19.00h. More Info Here.

Vegans get relief from all the pork with a day of vegan-friendly poutines at Prague 5’s EATERNIA. *11.30-21.00h. More Info Here.

Kuchyň, up by the castle, is celebrating all the goodness you can get from pigs with Vepřové hody na Hradě. Pay the entry fee of 598kc and get all you can eat, plus live music and great views. *11.30-21.30h. More Info Here.

Kiefer Sutherland isn’t just an actor; he’s also a musician playing country and Americana tunes. He’s in town and plays at Lucerna Music Bar. 790kc. *19.00h. More Info Here.

More Wim Wenders at Ponrepo, this time a series of his 1976 road movie “Kings of the Road” (called “Im Lauf der Zeit” in German, which sort of translates as “In the Course of Time”), winner of the FIPRESCI Prize at Cannes that year, plus three of his short films. This one’s in German with Czech titles. 80kc. More Info Here.

Another performance of Inevitably I drink (see FEB. 14)  More Info Here.

FebDok continues (see FEB. 14) More Info Here.

The Nordic Film Festival continues (see FEB. 14) More Info Here.

Cirkopolis concludes (see FEB. 14) More Info Here.


Sunday, February 16

Run for love at this Valentine’s Run through Stromovka organized by RunCzech and Running Mall. Entry is free, but please bring old running shoes for donation to the Salvation Army. *09.30h-14.00h. More Info Here.

The Francouzská restaurace Art Nouveau, in Obecní dům, is having a special one-day Hollywood Brunch, inspired by stars of the silver screen, the Oscars and the like. Will they have a parasite dish? Who knows? They would be pretty funny, though. For now, they’re keeping the menu a secret, but it’s all you can eat for 1350kc, or all you can eat AND all you can drink (beer and wine) for an extra 250kc. *11.30-15.00h. More Info Here.

The Sunday Brunch is back at the Marriott at their new on-site restaurant, The Artisan. It’s a buffet of first-class treats, both savoury and sweet, plus activities, live music and more. 1190kc per person (1385kc if you want to add the alcohol package to that). *12.00-15.00h. More Info Here.

Dog Planet has organized a day for dogs to socialize and get socialized. The contribution they ask for 150kc, and they need a minimum of five people to say they’ll show or they’ll have to cancel. At Parukářka. *14.00-16.00h. More Info Here.

Barista of the Year 2020 and the 2020 Brewer’s Cup conclude (see FEB. 15) More Info Here.

Zabijačka at Vozovna Stromovka concludes (see FEB. 15) More Info Here.

Vegan Weekend at Dim Sum Spot concludes (see FEB. 15) More Info Here.

FebDok continues (see FEB. 14) More Info Here.

The Nordic Film Festival continues (see FEB. 14) More Info Here.


The Big List is put together in conjunction with our friends from The Prague Haps… give their Facebook page a like for events like this and more!




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