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The Big Weekend List of Things to Do: Friday, Jan. 31 – Sunday, Feb. 2

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Friday, January 31

Brexit transition period begins

The Future Gate Festival continues with science fiction films from all over time and space. Everything is English-friendly. It’s all at Kino Lucerna. Films are generally 120kc each, though a couple are cheaper. Goes until Feb. 2. *Various times. More Info Here.

You look at the news these days and it seems like the bastards are getting the upper hand. Core values of democracy are being undermined, strongman tactics seems to be working, and just what exactly is going on? Come to the Václav Havel Library for a two-day forum consisting of two roundtable discussions and four panels, looking at just these issues, called Global Challenges to Liberal Thought. FREE but you must register, and spaces are limited. *14.00-19.00h today. Also tomorrow. More Info Here

A two-day Wedding Expo kicks off, with over 120 exhibitors offering up everything you could ever want or need for a wedding. Last year around 2500 people attended, so this is not small potatoes. 15.00-19.30h today, 10.00-18.00h tomorrow (but you have to choose your times – 10.00-13.00h or 13.00-18.00h). Entry is 290kc for each of the three time slots. At the Hotel International. More Info Here

Ponrepo continues with the Wim Wenders retrospective, this time showing the 1974 road movie “Alice in the Cities”, sort of a rough draft version on many of the things explored in “Paris, Texas” ten years later. English-friendly, mainly. 80kc. *20.30-22.30h. More Info Here.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Kino Aero hosts a double feature of Guy Ritchie films. First it’s his first feature film, the 1998 crime comedy “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” at *19.00h, followed at *21.30h by his latest film, “The Gentlemen” which has a very impressive cast that includes Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Henry Golding, Michelle Dockery, Jeremy Strong, Eddie Marsan, Colin Farrell and Hugh Grant, just to name a few. Lock, Stock is 150kc, Gentlemen is 135kc or see both for a 230kc combined ticket. More Info Here.


Saturday, February 1

Cats and dogs – how boring! Terrabazar is a monthly marketplace of exotic animals and their gear. All sorts of critters, equipment and what not to keep them happy and healthy. At První jazyková základní škola in Prague 4, near the Pankrác metro station. Even something that only runs three hours cannot resist the staggered pricing scheme. Basically, the longer you attend, the higher the entry fee. Fees range from 40-100kc, depending on when you show up. *09.00-12.00h. More Info Here

Masopust continues at Pražská tržnice in Prague 7, every Saturday until February 15. Tons of fun and stuff to eat and drink. This Saturday there’s pork from Eko Farma Rybnik, Belgian fries from Big Fries, cheese and mead from Dobré Zrno (as well as bio produce), beer from Pivovar Ládví Cobolis, wines both hot and cold from the Palava from Frank Kraus, hot chocolate and chocolate cakes from Od Bobu, more pork, koláče and so on. Live music from Tygroo. Traditional mask making and other fun as well. *10.00-18.00h. More Info Here

One of the oldest pubs in the entire city, Na Slamníku, is throwing a good old-fashioned Zabijačkové hody today and tomorrow. *10.00-22.00h. More Info Here.

New lamps for old! Bio Oko hosts one of their periodic flea market/secondhand/vintage events. FREE entry. *12.00-18.00h. More Info Here.

Dva kohouti is getting in on the zabijačka action, and they’re brewing a special 13° semi-dark lager to go along with the chow. *12.00-19.00h. More Info Here

So what if it’s winter? It’s time to grill and party!! Local music promoters Prague City Hardcore are having their second Hardcore Grill Party out on Ostrov Štvanice. Maloskalský beer for 20kc, all-you-can-eat grilled pork for 50kc, hardcore music and tons o’ fun. Goes late. *15.00-02.00h. More Info Here.

More Wim Wenders at Ponrepo, this time the 1975 road movie “The Wrong Move”, a modern take on Goethe’s novel Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship, with a screenplay by Nobel Prize winner Peter Handke and starring, among others, a 14-year-old Nastassja Kinski (credited as Nastassja Nakszynski) in her first film role. In German with Czech and English subtitles. 80kc. *20.30h. More Info Here.

Global Challenges to Liberal Thought at the Václav Havel Library concludes, 09.30-17.15h. (see JAN. 31) More Info Here

The Wedding Expo concludes (see JAN. 31) More Info Here

The Future Gate Festival continues (see JAN. 31) More Info Here.


Sunday, February 2

Groundhog Day


RamenBrno makes the trek from Moravia to TamarindTree for a pop up and guest hosting. They will make 400 portions of miska ramen – first come, first served. 222kc a bowl. *12.00-22.00h or whenever they run out. More Info Here

The Prague Film Orchestra plays music from SF and superhero films – Captain America, Transformers, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, World of Warcraft, Alien, I Robot, King Kong (?), Phantom of the Opera (??) and Chariots of Fire (???).  Part of the Future Gate Festival. At Kino Lucerna. 650-700kc. *20.00-22.00h. More Info Here.

British band Keane is playing at Forum Karlin. Tickets are still available. One of the most successful British bands of the last two decades and alternative rock sensation who prefer piano over guitars in their music. More Info Here.

Ponrepo continues with the Wim Wenders films, this time with the 1972 adaptation of Nobel Prize winner Peter Hadnke’s “The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick”. It’s a weird sort of detective film, but really, really slow because even though it is, on the surface, about a murder, it’s actually about ennui. Very 70s Euro. In German with Czech and English subtitles. 80kc. *20.30h. More Info Here.

The Future Gate Festival concludes (see JAN. 31) More Info Here.

The Zabijačkové hody at Na Slamníku concludes (see JAN. 31) More Info Here.


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