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There are dozens of new cases of COVID-19 in Liberec – and at least half are foreigners

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About half of the new cases of coronavirus infection in the Liberec Region are foreigners, mostly agency workers from Ukraine. About ten companies from Liberec have been affected so far, and dozens of employees are ill.

A complication in finding out who else might have been infected is the language barrier. “Hygienists will, therefore, want more intensive cooperation with companies employing foreigners. Deputy Governor for Health Přemysl Sobotka (ODS) said that he would address the companies, including the agency ones, by letter.

“Everyone who has any employees is obliged to take care of work safety, which includes this epidemiological problem today. So the company has to work together, it has to say where those people live, and it has to get more involved, “said Sobotka. According to him, companies cannot behave in a way that does not concern them and it is a problem of hygienists and healthcare.
As Zuzana Balašová, a spokeswoman for hygienists, confirmed in the List of Reports today, Liberec’s situation has deteriorated in industrial companies. In general, according to her, in Liberec, it is true that currently, the disease is most widely spread among foreign workers. The problem is, of course, that it can also jump to people around them.

Jana Prattingerová, director of the anti-epidemic department, said, “There is a serious epidemiological problem associated with foreign workers who live in large numbers in hostels or private flats and usually visit doctors exceptionally. So one COVID positive is enough to return from the area where the disease occurs, and the disease is spreading in their community, which means that it can spread to other businesses and companies. At present, we perceive the existing focus as ‘industrial enterprises Liberec’ connected mainly through joint housing, “she said.
In the Liberec Region, the number of confirmed cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus increased in the last week. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 285 people have fallen ill in the region. This week, the number of coronavirus-related deaths in the region rose by one to five – a senior died with other serious health complications. The number of cures has not changed in the last week; there are still 196.

The number of sick people in the Liberec region is growing. While only seven people were treated in the region a month ago, 78 have been added in the last 14 days. “The situation is not dramatic, but we want to get involved early,” added Prattinger. According to Prattingerová, there is a problem in the language barrier when finding out contacts with sick Ukrainians.

Prattingerová says their way of life also helps the hidden spread of the disease. “The principle of this transfer is that we have people here who live together and then go to different companies. And the problem is that they do not have any significant health problems, “she said. According to Prattingerová, they will likely only be able to be detected when a Czech employee falls ill. In Liberec, about ten companies have at least one infected person, including large companies Magna and Denso. The small plastics company Novoplast even had to stop production due to the COVID-19 disease.

In Novoplast, five regular employees and nine agency workers have now become infected, about 30 other people from the company have already passed the tests, and another is waiting. “The regional hygiene station has ordered the company to wait for two weeks, which practically means stopping operations,” said Jiří Vošoust, the company’s managing director.
A kindergarten in Jablonec nad Nisou was also closed this week. Tests there confirmed one child’s illness as well as seven kindergarten employees, including a cook, all who had to go to quarantine. There are currently 11 people in quarantine in the region on the basis of hygienists’ orders, in another 217 cases, it has been imposed by general practitioners. From Saturday, the hospitals in Liberec, Turnov, Jablonec and Frýdlant will be joined by the hospital in Česká Lípa with a ban on visits.
The first case of the disease with the new coronavirus was confirmed by tests in the Liberec Region on March 10. Hygienists have had 11,034 people tested in the region since the beginning of the pandemic. The most positive cases being found in the Liberec region, where a total of 130 people became infected. The best is Českolipsko with ten cases. There have been over 64 confirmed cases of the disease in the Liberec Region per 100,000 inhabitants since the beginning of the pandemic.

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