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Train collision between Prague and Kolín leaves 30 injured and one dead

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A passenger and freight train collided on the train line from Prague to Kolín on Tuesday evening near Český Brod. The driver died in the cab, injuring over 30 people, four of them seriously. After ten o’clock, traffic on one track resumed on Wednesday.

Just after 21:30 on Tuesday, two trains collided on the line near Český Brod. According to Czech Railways spokesman Radek Joklík, the Czech Railways CityElefant passenger train traveling from Prague collided with the freight express of the carrier ČD Cargo, which stood in front of the entrance signal in Český Brod.

The set derailed the passenger train after the impact.
The driver died in the accident after remaining wedged in the cab. Firefighters got to him very difficult and only after securing the train.

More than 30 people were injured, four of them seriously, who treated and transported rescue services to hospitals. The accident’s cause is not yet officially known, but the Minister of Transport Karel Havlíček said that it was probably a human error. The driver most likely ran a red light. According to Havlíček, the technology did not fail, and he described the track as one of the best secured in the republic.
Havlíček, who has two ministerial posts, rejected on the spot questions about whether he would derive personal responsibility from the growing accidents on the track. He is not considering resignation.

An accident train arrived at the site of Tuesday’s tragic train accident on the outskirts of Český Brod in the Kolín region. On Wednesday, shortly after eight o’clock in the morning, the crashed trains were re. The accident has already begun to be investigated by the police. After ten o’clock, the operation on one track resumed.

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